Thursday, April 28, 2011

Talk Thursday//I am made of bad decisions

With only 2 papers, 1 final and 1 quiz, you'd think I would have the fortitude to get through this last week of the semester.

But I am made of bad decisions.

You'd think that 4 weeks from the end of the semester, with a mountain of work in front of me, I would have focused and let extraneous/fun things wait until May 7th.

But I am made of bad decisions.

You'd think that knowing that I lost 11 lbs by giving up chocolate & soda only 2 months ago would keep me from continuing to eat this crap.

But I am made of bad decisions.

And you'd think that by looking outside at the rainy day and checking the weather report that calls for rain would alert me to the fact that cloth shoes and 1/2-socks are not appropriate footwear.

But I am made of bad decisions.

Between 30Rock, Dr. Pepper, Rosie the Banjo and this season that's obviously NOT spring, I am batting .000.

Much of it is sheer procrastination (because who wants to write on the ordination of women when you can laugh at hilarious women?)...while some of it is poor planning (because of being up too late watching said show, waking up to what I assume should be spring is not wise).

What are your bad decision-enablers? What do you HAVE to do and what do you replace that with instead?

Or are you made of awesome and mock those of us with no self-control? And if so, how do you do it?

Happy Talk Thursday!

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