Friday, October 30, 2009

I May Have a Chance After All!

Last night I made soup. From scratch. In my own kitchen. Not for the first time, but definitely the first time in a LONG time.

And people say I can't cook....

See Grandma? I may have a chance at scoring a husband somewhere down the road! (Let's just not tell grandma or my future mate how many times I had to call my dad for help...)


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Talk Thursday // Full Support

I must confess, I read this post on Bryan Allain's blog and stole the idea. Sorry. But it was too good a question to pass up! Therefore, comment here, and to repay him for my thievery, go comment over there too. =)

I know that you guys have very strong feelings on some stuff. So I ask: what are some things you fully support?

These things below are some things I give my 100% support to. If needed, I could come up with valid reasons why. I won't, but rest assured that I could. What about you?

* The Dr. Pepper Bottling Company

* Modesty

* Showering AT LEAST every other day

* Seattle Seahawks football (even when they suck)

* Wal-Mart

* The destruction of robots

* Proper hermeuntical methods

* Biblical studies

* Squirrel hunting

* Global missions

* The new iTunes Genius Mix feature

* T-Mobile

* Veritas Church

* Nestle CoffeeMate fat-free French Vanilla creamer


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hope You're Comfy!

Cause this here's a not-so-brief recap of my recent trip to Ukraine. When I get my camera back from Portland, there will be pictures. Oh...there will be pictures. =)

Until's a glimpse of the last two weeks:

Our team of 6 met up in Amsterdam on Thursday, October 8th. We had spoken on the phone but I only knew 2 others personally. I was not worried about the Ukrainian people, the food or the travels – I was concerned with how the team dynamics would be. And the Lord was so provident in how He placed this team together that my worries dissipated within a day.

It was fairly up-in-the-air as to what we would be doing on a daily basis, so we expected that we needed to be flexible and that definitely came out as we began planning what we would be doing for our time there. We were “stationed” in a little church in the village region of Brusilov, about 2 hours southwest of Kyiv. There is a team of several pastors who live in that area as church planters with whom we worked daily. It was so inspiring to hear their stories of church planting and the struggles they have faced and how the Lord has continued to move there. The area of Brusilov has 37 villages that these pastors are working to evangelize. In the last 15 years, they have evangelized and seen active growth in 27 of those villages. It was our honor to partner with them as they continue to spread the gospel.

Our days were filled with morning prayer meetings (which were 2 hours long, each!), prayer-walking, evening services, and copious amounts of food. We were invited to a different church in the area every evening to preach, sing, and give our testimonies. This was difficult for some people in the group who were not accustomed to public speaking, but the Lord worked mightily through their words and it was amazing to see His power displayed, even in the midst of our personal discomfort.

The most powerful moments of the time there were for me were our prayer walks in 21 of the surrounding villages. Our team and one or two of the pastors would drive to a village and the pastors would share of what work has been done there and what they hope to accomplish, and they would tell us of the strongholds that satan has there. Alcoholism and witchcraft/the occult are two ways that satan has continued to prevent many people from hearing the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We would spend time there in corporate prayer and as we were able to, we would talk to anyone we encountered. Personally, I have never experienced prayer like that before in my life. It was powerful and the presence of the Lord was nearly tangible among us.

During our time there, I was surprised by how unlike a foreign country it felt. Few people spoke English, the writing was completely foreign, we were around mostly farmers whereas I am a city-girl. However, I felt like I was simply in another part of my own world. I expected that I would be shocked or unfamiliar with things, but it did not make me feel disconnected from the people there or even their way of life.

The only downfall of the trip was that I came back with a little friend – a stomach bug. It hit me early and was unfortunately accompanied by a fever, causing me to panic that I had the typhoid fever! It was a little ridiculous for such a small thing, but praise God, it’s gone (we hope!) now. =)

Thank you again SOOOOOOOO much for your support for this trip. You will never know the impact you made on lives in Ukraine, but I feel so blessed for the impact you make on mine.

Even though I’m no longer in Ukraine, please still take the time to pray for that area. The pastors and ministers there are doing a tremendous work and would still appreciate all the prayers you can give. Be in prayer for the region of Brusilov, as well Ukraine in general. They are in a time of religious and political freedom, but that can change in a moment.

That was long, but trust me...I could have been MUCH more verbose! =)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Talk Thursday // Technology

Kip crooned it well: "Yes, I love technology But not as much as you, you see. But I still love technology. Always and forever."
As much as I'm phobic of robots (and all robotic practices), I love me some technology. Microwaves, cell phones, Skype, computers, hair straighteners, iPods - you name it (other than the Roomba), I love it. While I was out of the country, I missed my cell phone and my computer more than was probably healthy. I watched other people talk on their phones and started getting the shakes. At one point, there might have even been a dream about Facebook. And right now, I have no internet access at my apartment. I haven't checked my Facebook in two days; it's slowly eating away at me.

It's a sickness and Jesus and I are working on it. up and share: how addicted to technology are you? What piece of technology do you think you couldn't live without? Would you sing a ballad to technology?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Talk Thursday / / Inspirational Music

Last Talk Thursday, I asked about embarassing songs. This Talk Thursday I want to know, what inspires you? If you're feeling down and out, what picks you up? If you need some motivation, what gets you going? Share some inspiration, and by doing so, maybe inspire others.
For me, it's Rob Thomas. Almost anything by Rob Thomas (or Matchbox 20) is enough to pick me up. But lately, 'When the Heartache Ends' is what I hit 'repeat' on.
When I need motivation to do something, it's Techno. Anything techno.
But! I'm not done yet! Oh-ho! As it is, your beautiful and wonderful and talented and amazing host (Sarah Lewie), will return soon! So inspire her by leaving a small comment on what you prayed for, how she has inspired you at some time, or what you think she'd like to hear once she's home.
It was great spending these last two Talk Thursdays with you all!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Talk Thursday / / Embarassing Songs

We all have them. Personally, when "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion comes on my computer, mp3 player, pandora playlist, radio, etc. I can't help but A) sing along and B) wish it were the techno version (which I own proudly). It's just one of those things. You're driving in your car, busting out to whatever shame-inducing song, and someone pulls next to you and immediately you pretend you're singing something else. Ok, so maybe not that bad.

So what's it for you? What's the one (or two, or three, or four) embarassing song that you can't help but be slightly ashamed for knowing every word to?

(Also, if you think that I'm less of a man for this, know that this is the sequel I've been waiting for for YEARS.)
If you enjoyed this Talk Thursday, it has been brought to you by Chris of Falling Up. If you did not enjoy this Talk Thursday, it was brought to you by the lovely and beautiful Sarah Lewie. Thank you.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Leavin' On a Jet Plane, Don't Know When I'll Be Back Again

That's not entirely true. I'll be back in a few weeks.


I'm ready to go...



Our guest blogger for the next two Talk Thursdays will (hopefully) be Chris Maples. Even if he forgets, go check out his blog. And other peoples. I mean, if you just want to read the archives of SarahLewie, I would understand. But I encourage you to expand your blogging horizons.

Hope you guys have a great couple weeks!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

It's Finally Here...


* It is the largest country in Europe - slightly smaller than Texas
* There are 49 million + residents

* It is highly developed with 98% of Ukrainians who are literate

* The national "religion" is Eastern Orthodox Christianity

But do they know Jesus?

Less than 72 hours from right now, I will be heading off into the sunset of Brusilov, Ukraine with a team of 6 people from across the Unites States.

We don't know what we'll be doing.
We don't know each other.
We don't know what to expect.

And yet we're going.

I'll be real honest - I'm not excited yet. I'm not scared, but I'm not stoked. The prayer is that God will change my heart and attitude dramatically in the next two days.

I can't wait to share this experience with you all.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Talk Thursday // TV-holic

I'll be real honest, now that a new season of shows has started, I have found that my conversations revolve less around my own life and more and more around the lives of fictional characters. And I don't just mean Bella & Edward.

So I think it's time for all of us to come forward and confess: what's your weeknight schedule look like? Do you make plans around your shows? What does your water-cooler talk consist of? (And please, if you don't watch/own a TV, good for you - I'm proud, really. But don't make us feel bad for our entertainment needs.)

For me:

Monday, 8pm - How I Met Your Mother - CBS

Tuesday, 8pm - NCIS; 9pm - NCIS:LA - CBS

Wednesday, 8pm - Glee - FOX

Thursday, 9pm - The Office; 9.30pm - Community - NBC

Since I'm in class on Monday nights and don't have a TV yet to watch Wednesday & Thursday nights, Hulu is my friend. I can catch all my shows with relative ease at any time. Unless the free network I'm pirating internet from gets locked. In that case, I'll probably be calling one of you to let me come over. =)

What about you?