Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bad Move

Deep Red by Hugo Boss = fabulous

Too much Deep Red by Hugo Boss = nosebleed

And that's what I get for opting for sleep rather than a shower this morning.....

Monday, March 29, 2010

An Addendum

So I went to that concert the other night and was feeling guilty for not being that "into it" - the band Fee was playing some praise and worship music and I just not feeling the movement of the Spirit like the rest of the auditorium seemed to be feeling. However, some time around Francesca Battistelli's sultry tunes, something started stirring. Once Crowder was done and MercyMe came on, God WHACKED me over the head with an epiphany. I will share it with you now. As trite and repetitive as CCM tends to be, if it's speaking the message of the hope of the gospel, I can't dislike it. Now, there are some Christian artists out there who, like Joel Osteen, want to wrap Jesus in bubblegum and daisies, whilst picturing Him skipping through a meadow with unicorns and fairies, but there are the few and bold artists who speak about real life. These artists don't paint the gospel with rose-colored glasses, but they sing to the reality of our depravity but the hope of the sovereignty and love of Almighty God. Artists like Caedmon's, Alli Rogers, Shaun Groves, JJ Heller, Shane & Shane....these people help me remember that as often as I want to condemn the CCM stereotype, all Christian artists are singing His glory and His renown. And I would be absolutely hypocritical if I said that though musically it may not be as intricate and well-composed as some and though it might be overplayed and repetitive it was bad music. Because if someone or something is declaring the message of the gospel of Christ and proclaiming His name, it is good.

Now I still can't handle the lollipop happiness of the CCM DJ's (sorry KCMS, but you're barely on a pre-set button). But I am glad that the Lord helped me see that His glory is far greater than any opinion I hold.

Ok, soapbox = over. That's what you get for going to Christian concerts... =)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Talk Thursday // Ashamement

When I tell people about the thing I'm about to share, often the look I receive is one of disgust, of utter sadness, of confusion...some of hatred. Because of these reactions, I tend to not share this particular thing about me. It's not pretty, it's not cool - not even that it's so not cool it's almost cool, kinda like being able to sing the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" theme song (which incidently I've sang like 87 times in the last 2 weeks...).


here is my confession:

If prompted, I could probably sing the entire works of one Carman Domenic Licciardello. Otherwise known to most people as "Carman that weird Christian singer guy who now waxes his chest." This really shouldn't be something that I share with people or even that I really want people to know about me. But it's the truth.

For some reason, I have this weird phobia of people thinking that I like/listen to contemporary Christian music. It doesn't bother me when people know I love southern gospel or 80's praise and worship (cause honestly, who DOESN'T love themselves some Maranatha music?! For shiz.). But current Christian music, especially if it's played on the Christian music station makes me feel "unhip" which is no bueno, because I am indeed so "hip" (the mere fact that I just used such words, especially with "" calls into question the validity of that statement).

This sprang up in my mind because tonight I'm going to a Christian concert - Family Force 5, Fee, the David Crowder Band, Mercy Me, Francesca Bastistelli (to name a few). However, I haven't really wanted to admit to anyone that I actually want to go. And it's not that I'm ashamed of Jesus; but we Christians have produced some pretty awful music and I think I view it like everyone else with just a shade of disdain. Even though these particular bands are quite good both lyrically and musically.

So the question today is 2-fold:

* How do you view Christian music? Especially in light of other FAR more talented acts out there who aren't Christian.
* What things are you going to claim ashamement for?

(Yes, I know, lexical nerds...ashamement isn't a'll be strong)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Recently, I've been missing blogging. The last several months have mostly been Talk Thursdays (or Fridays or Saturdays) with few other posts thrown in. We can chalk this up to my overly busy schedule, the fact that I actually have work to do during the day or the fact that I have nothing to say. You may choose anyone you want.

But in an attempt to get back to my roots (my roots being stealing awesome ideas from other people and parroting them as my own). I give you:

The Top Ten List of things that are better than having consistently chapped lips (such as I currently have)

10. Being stung by a bee in the lip - OOSTA!!
9. A splinter in my heel
8. Listening to Lady Gaga's "Poker Face"
7. A colonoscopy
6. Slapping my face repeatedly
5. Coffee stains on my dress slacks
4. That stupid "Where's the chapstick?" song on YouTube
3. Watered down, cold coffee
2. Jazz flutes
1. Watching people brush their teeth in the bathroom (that is just so gross, lady in the department down the hall)

Thanks sis, for the stealable material (they say imitation is the highest form of flattery...) =)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Talk Friday // Work

Yesterday I was asked to stay late to work on a project here at the office. I ended up spending 2.5 hours cutting out foam flags as a visual system for our clinicians. It was menial and silly and definitely not worth the college degree I have to do it.

But you know what? I loved it.

Our culture says that we're not really supposed to love our jobs. At least, not until we're 49 and have started our own businesses. But I'm 24; I work as an Admin Assistant - a temp one! - for a mental health/chemical dependancy intake center and I love coming into work. It rarely bothers me that I have to go into work at all. Sure, some days I'd rather just lay in bed or chill in the coffee shop, but by the time I get here, I enjoy the work I do. One day maybe I'll get to do full-time ministry (and maybe even get paid for it!), but for now, I'm going to enjoy working here with a great team, in a great atmosphere and hoping for opportunities for ministry in this office.

So let's get to know each other a little bit:

What to you do for a living?
How do you feel about it?
If this isn't your dream job, what is?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Rrrr-Random, Random

For some time now I have had a not-so-secret desire to become a country music super-star. Yes, this is mostly to meet Dolly Parton & Keith Urban, but that's besides the point.

My first song was entitled A Fire Ant Bit My Head Like You Bit My Heart. It's a lengthy title, but catchy, I thought. To help you envision the inspiration behind this ditty, think Taylor Swift meets Eric Church (if you even know who Eric Church is...).

However, I have finally come to my second mega-hit. This one I'm actually really proud of and think that this might be the Grammy winner. This time think Little Big Town meets Sara Evans. Thus, I give you....

Downhome In Downtown

(Lyrics to come soon)

Nashville, here I come! =)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Talk Thursday // Change & Growth

I am person who, for better or for worse, knows what I like and how I like it. Some people call that persnickity, others call it stubborn, I call it introspectivly decided. Fat-free French Vanilla Coffee Mate creamer in my bathrobe on a hook next to my hair music on full-blast: this is how I like my life.

However, I am learning that sometimes change is necessary for growth. Shocking, eh? So in learning to be a growing person, I have endeavored to take on some new things in life. I started watching a show I cared nothing about, me and a friend have decided to go walking (while this is impressive enough, we're going at 5.30am - I don't acknowledge single-digit ams), and I've taken on a ministry that I swore to never do. These things are not in my personal repetoire, but I feel like expanding my horizons might enable me to grow as a person.

So I ask, what are you doing to grow? What things are you engaging or learning about that you wouldn't normally do to help you become a more varied you?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Whenever I see this sign....

this is what I picture...

Droid phone, this confusion is simply one of the many reasons why you suck.
freakin' robot....

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Talk Thursday // Defaults

We all have those things that we auto-default to. It comes with figuring out who you are and what you like and what reaches you.

So let me ask:

What's your default musical selection?
What's your default movie?
What's your default drink?

Do you like the fact that you default to certain things or not?

(Sorry for the succinct Talk brain is homework-fried)