Monday, August 30, 2010

3 Down, 3 to Go...

In the traditional "Back to School" style (traditional as in I did this 2 years ago):

Distraction-enabler - I mean! Computer....check!

Adorable notebooks....check!

Enough pens/pencils for the entire seminary....check!

The realizations that:
a) I'm apparently making it EXTREMELY obvious that I'm a girl in primarily a men's world & that:
b) all these patterns together would make Tim Gunn cry.... CHECK!

Alright, kids....I'm off to school!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


* Life is better when it is sunny

* Power-walking up a huge hill sucks

* Power-walking up a huge hill is necessary when your office has supplied you with an endless stream of carbohydrates during your workday

* Goldfish crackers & coffee do not mix well (either in the same container or in my mouth)

* Not all people needing a mental health appointment are crazy

* A diet of straight country music can only last so long

* A diet of straight Dr Pepper & coffee is bad for your kidneys

* A diet of straight vegetables is bad for...your chocolate intake

* It's not until you're about to obtain it do you realize just HOW exciting the prospect of getting health insurance is

* It's not until you realize how excited you are about health insurance that it becomes evident that you've become an "adult"

* Twitter is made all the more fun when the phone alert is birds chirping

* Twitter is made all the less fun when it comes straight to your phone as a text message

* With school starting in a week, getting the homework done early seems preemptive, but delightfully fulfilling

* I have missed blogging and all that it entails (not to be confused with entrails...I don't miss those)