Thursday, July 15, 2010

Talk Thursday // Chatty Cathy

Out of the blue phone calls from random friends inspire one of two things in me: fear or excitement. My first inclination is to assume that they are calling to tell me that someone died, that they themselves died or are badly injured, that they're in town for one day and I'm busy, etc et etc. Sometimes I will push myself out of the cave of neuroticism where I typically live and just be excited to talk with long-distance friends. (Today's conversation was the latter, in case you were curious.)

Sometimes you can have conversations just for the sake of conversation. And that's ok. It builds relationship and helps give you a common ground on which to stand with someone else. Sometimes you have conversations to accomplish a goal and hopefully the end of the conversation provides the results. And sometimes you have conversations that challenge and convict and illuminate. Many conversations span those three things and then some.

What kind of conversation do you typically enjoy most? Random? Poignant? Short? =)
Do your conversations leave you wanting more, wanting you to challenge yourself and be challenged by others?
How do you feel when you see a random, non-expected name pop up on your phone? (Or am I the only crazy one out there?)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Music 101

It's no secret that music is a big part of my world. I mean, I can't handle silence at all...I need music in the background just to stay focused.

However, it's hard for me to find new music that I enjoy. I attribute this to the fact that I live under a country music rock. And really only get out it to enjoy some Southern Gospel now & then.

Lucky for me I have friends who are more well-rounded in terms of music and are willing to educate me in the ways of great music. And lucky for you, I'm willing to share. =)

So, just for your enjoyment, here are the Top 5 best musicians I've been introduced to this year and that you also should love....(in no particular order):

3. Tyrone Wells: Jason Segel may need to move over as my celebrity BF. Minus the fact that he's married and famous, Tyrone is perfect. =) But this guy's vocals are killer and even his covers are astounding. PLUS, he's a Washington state local. Gotta love 'em homegrown (and bald) =) This is my current fave Tyrone jam:

5. Dierks Bentley isn't necessarily "new" to me, but this new album of his is. And it's seriously awesome x's infinity. This is for lovers of Bluegrass and all things Appalachian.

(sorry YouTube was dumb and wouldn't let me embed it, but still totally worth it)

2. NeedtoBreathe: if you like Kings of Leon, you'll enjoy this band's sound. Seriously good driving music. Here's my personal fave, "Girl Named Tennessee."

4. Family Force 5: some friends have been trying for 2 years to get me to listen to FF5; however, they are very nearly "scream-o" rock and I said Nyet! But, at a music festival they played at, I was actually digging most of what I heard. I was totally down with them until they had robots on the screen dancing. So I had to bail...BUT! They are still good and worth listening to if you can handle loud and raucous music that isn't country-based. Well, except for this song. =)

(best part of this: the mullet-as-weapon beat-down at the end)

1. JJ Heller: Christian indie folk-esque. Like Ingrid Michaelson with a Jesus slant. =) Her songs move me. Especially this one.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Talk Thursday // Reasons Why Summer Rocks

Today, I was once again ghetto fabulous and grabbed my lawn chair from my car and kicked it in the GHC parking lot for a solid 30 minutes soaking up the rays (since it is 90 degrees here in the PNW!!!!!!!!!!).

As I was reflecting over the awesomeness that is, in fact, sunshine, it hit me that I have not always been a summer girl. Years ago, I was a mild weather person, often cold weather suited me just fine. I loved wearing scarves and hats and mittens and drinking cocoa and bundling/cuddling under layers of blankets. In the last 3 years, a shift has occurred...I am a summer gal. I want to be WARM! Possibly, this happened because warm weather is so infrequent here in the temperate climate of the Northwest. Maybe it's just because I miss Missouri and their abundance of warm. Likely, its a both/and. And granted, Washington hot is no where NEAR Missouri hot (in MO the lakes get warm enough to swim in! Shocking!!)

Whatever the reason for the switch and in the midst of the difference between WA hot and other places hot, I have compiled a list of reasons why summer is awesome. But this is Talk Thursday so add your own:

Why do you love summer too?

1) Country music can be played at much louder decibles considering the windows will be down and the wind will be whipping through the car
2) There is a perfectly reasonable explanation for why I am eating 2 popsicles for breakfast and will enjoy probably 2 or more throughout the day
3) It necessitates a reason to go to the lake or river
4) Nobody else wants to sit inside so we can all go play
5) I often NEED a reason to shave my legs...summer gives me that reason
6) Two conjunctions: Flip-flop tan-lines
7) Walking away with that "summer glow" (which is funny because it sounds like "Summer Glau"...non-nerds, you won't understand)
8) There is no reason to turn on the heat so I save on electric
9) Warm night driving
10) The smell of sunshine

Let's hear your reasons why you love summer. =)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Good Day

Saturdays that have no priorities or requirements are few and far between in my life. Thus, the have also become one of my most favorite and enjoyable things in the world.

Today, I have slept in and watched about 75 hours of "Scrubs". Mom, Dad and I hung up my jewelry box eventually, but other than that I have succeeded in doing NOTHING productive. Gloriously glorious. =)

How was your Saturday?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Talk Thursday // All. By. Myself. Don'twannabe....t

Over the last few days, I've had the same conversation with several people: it is hard to make friends and build relationships as a post-college grad. For some reason, finding friends and gaining community gets more and more difficult, it seems.

And it apparently doesn't seem to matter if you're single, married, a cat lady or a Twilight fan - the post-college world is a hard one to live in.

For someone like me, who is EXTREMELY extroverted and needs people ALL. THE. TIME. this little paradigm shift for my life has been hard. Especially living in the Northwest where it is much more difficult to penetrate the thick walls that people put themselves in.

However, we are built for community - we are designed for it. We are created for relationships and friendships, even when they are hard to find.

So, in selfishness AND an act of mercy for those other Hephizbah readers in similar boats, let's talk. It'll be like a reader survey/an advice column. =)

Where are you in life? College, post-college, employed, not-employed, living at home, living on your own?
Where have you found relationships? How have you managed to build community and make friends in whatever stage you are in life? If you've done so successfully, can you give any one of us some advice?