Thursday, October 20, 2011

Days 11 & 12: Something Fun & Something Up Close

Today, I present to you 2 things that I love. Woot! =)

Firstly, my goal yesterday was to capture something fun. Which was difficult, since I was at work for 8 hours of the day.

However, inspiration came when I got home and saw Rosie banjo. She is beautiful, she is one-of-a-kind and indeed: she is fun.

I love her. We don't get to spend nearly enough time together, but I always have fun when we're together.

Today I was to capture something "up close." Me up close is a little scary, but then I saw my globe. Fun fact about me: I LOVE globes. And maps. True story. So I decided to "up close" the destination I'm headed to in less than 2 days: Israel. 

I am getting excited for this trip and the few minutes I got to spend with my globe reminded me to get more excited. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Days 9 & 10: Faceless Self-Portrait & Something I Made

I'm fairly certain the 30 Day Photo Challenge was supposed to be one picture every day. However, I merged days 9 & 10 into one picture. I struggled all day yesterday to think of a way to express a "faceless self-portait." I could have put up my stock signature:

(that's me!)

However, it is a depiction of my face. Which was against that whole "faceless" part of the challenge. 

So instead I decided to do something a little more creative (thus accomplishing one of my original goals in this project). 

I created a "mind map" of sorts. Just a little something that portrays (portraits) me, but without my face. Therefore, I give you my expression of a "Faceless Self-Portrait": 

This is me. Depicted on a dry-erase board. =)

And yes, that took me all of yesterday. 

When I saw today's challenge, I was a little bummed cause I thought "hey! I made something yesterday! I should have waited!" And then I realized no one's grading this: I can do what I want. So what I wanted was to take a picture of the thing I made yesterday, which was my faceless self-portrait. I feel good about this. 

Tell me: what would your "Faceless Self-Portrait" say?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Days 7 & 8: Something New & Technology

I wish I had been clever and done something that was both new and technological. But since I'm trying to scrimp my pennies, I can't get new technology these days. =)

So for Day 7 I thought I would share something new I purchased due to the thing I've saving my pennies for (wow...a confusing sentence AND I ended in a preposition...amazing!).

These shoes and bag were purchased last week in preparation for my upcoming trip to Israel. I needed new walking shoes and who says "no" to a reason to buy a new bag? Not this guy! 

Day 8 was to "technology". Thus I present the piece of technology that allows my life to move forward on a daily basis. Oh, you'd think I'd say indoor plumbing or electricity or something? But brother lappy. After nearly 3 years, you think we'd grow apart, but no...I love this machine. Which is pretty impressive, considering how much I hate robots (and let's face it: Macs are pretty dang close). This piece of awesome let's me do my homework, talk to besties outside of Washington, watch ridiculous YouTube videos and generally procrastinate aforementioned homework. =) So it is with much adoration, that I present my 'technology' task for the day:

Friday, October 14, 2011

Days 5 & 6: Someone I love & A Childhood Memory

Yesterday I took a picture of my Grandma Dorothy. Because I love her.

Today's challenge was a picture of a childhood memory. As I thought about my grandma (because I hadn't yet posted the picture), I remembered how she used to sell Avon. Every Christmas each family member received Avon products as presents. As we got older, it became Avon makeup. Until we were in junior high, it was "play makeup" for my sisters and friends.  Eventually, my Grandma stopped selling Avon. But the memories remain.

When my mom went home to Tennessee over the summer, she brought back gifts from my grandma. And of course, it was Avon makeup. Truly some of the best makeup on the planet.

Today, I'm reminded of my Grandma Dorothy. And the fact that I need to call her. I'm also reminded of my childhood and how she loved us even though she was far away.

I love you Grandma. Thanks for the makeup. =)

Day 5

Day 6

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 4: My Favorite Color

Ladies & Gentlemen,

This photo is brought to you courtesy of an attempt to not make every picture look yellow, my Community Group ladies and their awesomeness and, my favorite color: Orange.

This one might be one of my favorites so far because the cup kind of make the fireplace look like its glowing. Weird. =)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 3: Clouds

These clouds were the only good part of Portland today. Truth fact.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 2: What I Wore

In today's featurette, I am showcasing my new accessory, OpenDoor's "One With Them" bracelet. It's what we call an "all-arounder - the sort of thing one can wear with anything to any occasion." (Thank you Bridget Jones)

Each day I wear this bracelet to be reminded of my brothers & sisters in Christ, who are living in persecution. As I think of them, I am also reminded of others who also live in persecution for their beliefs - Christian or not.

I am of the same family of God as my fellow believers in Jesus; and I am of the same human family as all mankind and we all deserve respect. Hopefully as I wear this I won't forget that truth.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Because I'm a Lemming...

I've decided to do a 30-Day Photo Challenge.

Why would I do this, when I don't really have a passion for picture-taking? Or have any kind of consistency to accomplish what I start?

Firstly, I want to do this for the simple reason that I DON'T usually accomplish what I start. And I want to be better about that. Maybe this will be the thing that kick-starts a routine that can be accomplished.

Secondly, I like pictures. And I like sharing pictures with you all. This will give me a reason to do so.

Thirdly, I'm hoping this will encourage my creative juices to continue flowing. I feel as though I don't have a lot of them, so I'm hoping this will be the impetus to help those out.

And fourthly, I have boundary issues. I don't (according to some people) spend time on "me." Which feels weird. But I'm hoping that this challenge will force me to think about something other than school/work/church and keep me aware of the world I live in and the fact that I too need some time.

Around week 3 I'll be out of the country, but I'm hoping to post from there. If I can't post each day, I'll post as I can or post them all in a chunk when I return.

I hope you all enjoy my photo challenge and follow along! start, here's Day 1: A Self-Portrait

I am in one of my most favorite places in the world: my bed. =)

Thanks for following!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

An Ode to Self-Doubt

With only 2 other notable times, this summer has been one of the worst times of my life. Overly dramatic? Perhaps. But that certainly feels like an accurate description. It started with a shocking realization that I don't know (or couldn't remember how to) love Jesus. Love people? No prob (relatively speaking). Then it morphed into an uncertainty of my purpose in God's story. Which then became a significant mantra of doubt in the church as a whole. What is the purpose of the Gospel? of the story of Jesus? How does it actually change people? And why does it matter that I've given my life to it? These deeply scary questions have led to wonderings about orthodoxy and theology - how do I know who is right? If believing in the death and resurrection of Jesus is the base-line, does it matter, truly matter, what we believe about the rapture? about new revelation? about dancing and smoking? And if I don't know what I believe or why I believe it, do I even love God at all? And if I don't know about my love for God, what does that say about my love for humanity, which again raises the question of my purpose and that desire to which I've given my whole life?

When you're a Bible-major/Children's minister/MDiv grad student/hope-to-be missionary, these questions scare the shit out of you.

I can't remember why I love Jesus or the joy I felt in accepting His salvation. But I also can't forget that He loves me; even if I don't know why.

And I don't know what it will take to get me back. Maybe time will heal all wounds.

Can it be next summer already please?

Friday, July 29, 2011

On Why Stephen Colbert is Smarter Than Me

Any long-time reader of my blog knows that I love Stephen Colbert and The Colbert Report.

At least, until he unintentionally makes me think.

I've been doing my best the last few months (years, really, but months especially) to not think. I already have to think about school and homework and church and my family and friends and my future and my past and cheese and Facebook. I don't really want to have to truly, deeply and intentionally have to think about politics. And how my actions are important. And how the actions of others who have political sway are important. It would be significantly more appealing to me to sit in my house watching Comedy Central on my computer and translating Jonah instead of seeing how much of a craphole this country is in and how millions domestically and abroad are in need and suffering and acknowledging how little difference I am making. That would be much better for me. I don't feel as responsible then.

However, as per usue, God refuses to let this happen. Which is why I've spent the better part of 2 months ignorning Him too.

Watching The Colbert Report today got to me. Stephen has been granted his SuperPAC and on the show posed the question to a political analyst - what to do with that money? It came down to: what does the SuperPAC stand for? Colbert challenged the members of the SuperPAC, of which I am one, to go to his website and help him decide what the members of the PAC stand for in order for him to figure out what to do with the money he receives.

Well, as a loyal member of the Colbert Nation, I went to the website to give my $.10 (figuratively, not literally (please, like I'm gonna give .10. It costs more than that just for the debit transaction)). As I read the phrase "What do you stand for?" it hit me that I don't know.

I don't know what I stand for.

I mean, I have values. I love Jesus. I love people. I love the Bible. I want people to know about Jesus and know His truth.

And I think that's good. Jesus wants me to do that.

But I don't think that just loving someone with my words is enough. I say I love people, but am I advocating for anyone? Do I spend ANY amount of time or money or even clearly thought out verbiage on anything remotely resembling ACTION?

The sad answer is no. I don't. And I have to think that means that I don't know what I stand for. Not completely on a religiously-inclined basis. But on a social one.

Do I stand for equality and social rights? Do I stand for fair trade? Do I stand for more available access to education and jobs? Do I stand against poverty and discrimination? If so, how do I do that? And how do I put all of those things into practice alongside, intertwined with my Christian faith?

Stephen Colbert, you are smarter than me. For a whole litany of reasons, but right now because you're asking a community of people to determine what they stand for and then to prove it. You may be doing it for a comedy bit, but it hit home with me. I'm annoyed by that.

I may be smart enough to do it. But I'm tired enough to not want to.

And that's the Word.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Black Thumb Strikes Again

Once again, I have killed a plant. By the looks of it, it was overwatered. But no...nope, it died long ago and my attempts to rejuvenate it have failed miserably.

I'm fairly sure that I'm a plant serial killer.

I need to just keep in mind that plants are not my bag, baby.

Poor, poor plant....

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Talk Thursday//Mentors & Manatees

Currently at Veritas Church we are studying discipleship and how to make disciples who makes disciples who makes disciples ad infinitum. Because that's what we're called to do.

Now, an interesting question has come up among us (like a fungus among us, but in a good way) - what does discipleship look like? How does someone invest in someone else and walk with them through life to help them grow and mature?

It's a hard question to answer. So I thought I'd pose it to you all.

Have any of you been mentored in your life? What has that looked like? Was it a good or bad experience? And if you had the choice to be mentored, would you and by whom? If I could, I would choose Sandi Patty. Because she's awesome. And she reminds me of my mom. =)

And on a related note: if you're mentored by someone and they are the "mentor", what the world are you? We've gone with "manatee." But that just seems to...amphibian. ;)


Friday, May 20, 2011

Talk Friday//Adulthood

I just turned 26.

This number may not seem drastic to anyone else. And there may be a lot of people out there who wish 26 was the age they were turning.

However, for some reason, 26 is psychologically frightening to me. No longer am I "early-mid-20's"; I'm now "mid-late-20's." The fact that I'm significantly closer to 30 than I am to 20 is wigging me out and I'm noticing the gray hair more. It doesn't feel "cute" or adolescent that I still enjoy "Saved By the Bell" (which I totally do) or Hanson (mmmm....Taylor....). It feels slightly creepy, in fact. It also doesn't feel right that I will still stay up until 11 or midnight on weeknights, playing my banjo with friends or attempting to skateboard through the Lowe's parking lot. The fact that I still eat cereal or nachos for dinner several nights a week and that my bedroom is covered with polka dots and neon colors doesn't seem "26" to me. At 26, it doesn't seem okay to sleep in on Saturdays until 11 am or later (though, I don't know if I'll be able to change that at any age).

In my mind, "26" is the landmark age to be a legitimate adult. Time to settle in, buy a house, get married, have a career, pop out babies, drink coffee black and own sensible shoes.

But I don't want these things. Which is causing my current "quarter-life crisis." I have serious tension between what I've been trained "adults" do and the fact that I a) don't want to be an adult and b) don't want what "adults" are supposed to want. The house, the babies, the sensible shoes...none of that sounds enticing to me.

And maybe that's not what an "adult" is. Maybe someone else's perspective on "adulthood" is something altogether different and they can never own sensible shoes, watch Saturday morning cartoons and not know what they want to be yet and still absolutely feel "adult-ish." However, I'm not there. Thus the reason for the "crisis."

As with many people who go through "mid-life" crises, I too have taken up with a new hobby - just to feel young again. Or maybe to make myself think I am young? Rather than a sports car, though, I got a banjo. Which feels a little odd, considering that most banjo players have already surpassed their "middle-life crisis" (and beyond). Oh well. At least I'm managing my quarter-life crisis in positive ways. =)


What is your definition of an "adult"?
Have you experienced a "crisis" - quarter? middle? fifth?
If you have, how did you handle it?

Friday, April 29, 2011

All-Nighter?! All-Righter!

Well, I'm going to attempt something I haven't done since college.

The all-nighter.

In college, I was younger; I was able to operate on less sleep; my brain functioned more easily at night.

I don't think it works that way anymore.

However, I am prepared for this evening:

* Ample amounts of caffeine - check!

* A solid iTunes playlist - check!

* A nap under my belt - check!

* Sweatpants/fuzzy socks - check!

* Books/articles/compy - check!

* The pressure of procrastination and that if I don't get this done tonight, I fail my classes for the semester - check!

Tonight's all-nighter will be taking place at Shari's. Thank You, Jesus, for restaurants who provide unending coffee and have free wi-fi.

Hopefully I don't "Murtaugh" this up and cave after an hour or so.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Talk Thursday//I am made of bad decisions

With only 2 papers, 1 final and 1 quiz, you'd think I would have the fortitude to get through this last week of the semester.

But I am made of bad decisions.

You'd think that 4 weeks from the end of the semester, with a mountain of work in front of me, I would have focused and let extraneous/fun things wait until May 7th.

But I am made of bad decisions.

You'd think that knowing that I lost 11 lbs by giving up chocolate & soda only 2 months ago would keep me from continuing to eat this crap.

But I am made of bad decisions.

And you'd think that by looking outside at the rainy day and checking the weather report that calls for rain would alert me to the fact that cloth shoes and 1/2-socks are not appropriate footwear.

But I am made of bad decisions.

Between 30Rock, Dr. Pepper, Rosie the Banjo and this season that's obviously NOT spring, I am batting .000.

Much of it is sheer procrastination (because who wants to write on the ordination of women when you can laugh at hilarious women?)...while some of it is poor planning (because of being up too late watching said show, waking up to what I assume should be spring is not wise).

What are your bad decision-enablers? What do you HAVE to do and what do you replace that with instead?

Or are you made of awesome and mock those of us with no self-control? And if so, how do you do it?

Happy Talk Thursday!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Talk Thursday//Musical Taste Buds

Anyone that knows me even minimally knows that I am a country music afficiando - I practically bleed country music. (Figuratively, that is. If I were 70% country music, I wouldn't be a human. I would be...the Opry Land Theatre or something. But I digress.) My other musical preference is rap & hip-hop. If I can pop 'n lock to it, I'm gonna jam to it.

And for years, I lived under what we lovingly called my country music & rap "rocks." I like other types of music generally but when it came to getting new jams to "car-eoke" to, it was always somethin' outta Nash-Compton.

Until recently.

Within the last twelve months, I have decided to intentionally expand my musical taste buds to include things outside of my natural repetoire.

First there was the discovery of the joy that is Tyrone Wells & really, the whole "singer/songwriter" genre, including She & Him, Rosie Thomas, Jon Foreman & Joshua Radin. Much to my friends delight, I am choosing to invest in The Classic Crime, Anberlin, Eisley & Family Force 5. And currently, I'm working on new "pop" groups, such as Mumford & Sons, The Civil Wars, The Avett Brothers, and Arcade Fire. These are more difficult for me because I deliberately chose to not love what everyone and their mom on Facebook & Twitter love. (I just like to be defiant.)

But 2 songs into each of these artists, I just can't say no. There's a reason people love them. And I was too stubborn to get on the band wagon.

There's couple of bands that I have yet to be exposed to, so the jury is still out on them. But in an attempt to be more well-rounded and generally awesomer, I will tour through MuteMath, 30 Seconds to Mars, B.o.B., Vampire Weekend and City & Colour. And with all the hype around Adele, I'm going to attempt her down the road.

So in our traditional "Talk Thursday" style: what's your go-to preference for music? Are you trying to expand your musical taste buds? And has this been a good or difficult process for you?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Note to Self:

Never, ever, ever, ever, ever listen, read, watch or observe any doings of the westboro "baptist church" before going to bed.

It will only make you hot with rage.

The upside: you pray 1,000 harder for Jesus to move in people's hearts.

I am not generally a hateful person (squirrels, robots and bananas aside). And I try (and sometimes fail) to think the best of people and not talk bad about people behind their backs. And I try really hard to trust that the Holy Spirit actually resides in most people who profess to follow Christ.

The phelps phamily of the westboro "baptist church" is one group that I have not yet learned to do any of the above yet (Jesus is still working on me). When I think about the message of hate they spread...when I think about the havoc they wreck on lives of thousands of people...when I think about how terribly they pervert the name of Jesus Christ in the heart breaks.

And they are not the only group who takes this God-awful (yes, I mean that literally) approach to human interaction and biblical reflection. There are millions of individuals who daily live hate rather than love, who show apathy rather than compassion, who proclaim God's wrath and completely disregard the joy of His mercy. And there are days when I do it as well: when I don't love those around me the way Christ asked me to, when I fail to proclaim His truth with my words and my actions, when I turn a blind eye to the "least of these."

In the moments where I realize that I too have fallen short of God's glorious intention for my life, for my relationships with others, with my relationship with Him, I think: "how much have I ruined someone's impression of Christ today?"

Seeing these people utterly pervert the message of the Bible makes it easy for me to understand why someone would gladly chose not to become a Christian. If I didn't absolutely believe that Jesus Christ is so much more than what these nimrods make Him out to be, I wouldn't allow myself to be clumped with them either.

Yet, I hold on to the promise that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He loved without restraint, He called out those hypocrites who blasphemed the name of God by turning His house into a casino, who cared more about a person's appearance than their heart, who loved themselves more than they loved the disenfranchised and the marginalized. Jesus Christ loved the broken, the down-trodden, the hopeless. He loves the single mom who has to dance exotically to pay rent; He loves the teenager hidden in the "closet"; He loves the alcoholic who panhandles for more booze; He loves the middle-class family who "do" church on Sunday, but have no idea how to follow Him once they leave the building; He loves the burn-out pastor, the woman struggling with depression, the bickering couple, the deadbeat dad, the seminary student who gets caught up learning about God rather than loving God.

None of these people are outside of the vastness of God's love. For each one, God wants to give so much more than what they think they can have. He wants to give His love and mercy and His perfect plan for relationship with Him. His love changes people; it changes people into people who love like God loves, who live like God intended them to live, who desire to be what God called them to be - holy, righteous sons and daughters of a Holy God.

"Christians" who hate don't exist. People who don't know the love of Jesus hate.
You'll know real Christians when you see them - they are messy and screwed up and broken, but by God...they love.

And I just need to pray a lot more that the love of Jesus will change a particular family in Kansas.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Talk Thursday//What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar?

3.5 weeks.

That's how long it's been since I've tasted chocolate. Or soda.

3.5 weeks.

That's how long I've been slightly craving a Kit-Kat and a Dr. Pepper.

I decided that I needed a "jump start" on the weight loss thing. And these two indulgences seemed to be the best starting point. However, now that's it's been 3.5 weeks, I'm just about ready to cave. Because of this, I give you the list of what I would do for any form of chocolate or a DP:

* Dance like Shakira in front of all of my co-workers.

* Key the hood of my car.

* Kiss the bathroom floor.

* Wake up at 5am.

* Hug the cat.

* Email an ex-boyfriend.

* Turn off my cell phone for a day.

* Slap my sister in the face. (Not this one, the other one. Not necessarily because I like this one more, but because the other one is here. And she doesn't read my blog. =) )

* Hike up Tiger Mountain Summit.

That's what I would do for the sweet ecstasy of chocolate and Dr Pepper. But that's because I'm a sadist and apparently like to cause myself pain for the sake of "healthiness."

Are you abstaining from anything these days? Do you miss it? And if so, what would you do be able to indulge?

Hopefully it's not this:

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Thinking Outside the Box

When I lived in Maple Valley, I had this awesome shower curtain in my bathroom:

I didn't know it was possible to miss a shower curtain, but apparently it is. So since living in Auburn, I haven't had a place to put this great piece of decor.

However, today I decided to think "outside the box." Creative, decorating genius overcame me and I decided to put up a new curtain on my bedroom window:

Shower curtains are the new window curtains. Tell your friends: it's gonna be a thing. =)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar Fever? At Least It's not Beiber Fever...

When I was a little kid (and by "little", I mean like 5 years ago), I used to think the Oscars were one of the most important nights of the week. I also thought that any celebrity who won an Oscar or was even nominated for one was the most incredible thing since sliced bread. I pretty much assumed that celebrities got that way by jumping straight into their pants with both feet, rather than one at a time, like the rest of us lowly mortals.

But then I saw tonight's Oscars. And I was reminded that all things change. Not all celebrities are as cool as sliced bread (yeah, I'm lookin' at you James Franco). And that while I love movies, I would (generally) still prefer to watch something that was filmed in the 90's. ("Wayne's World" anyone?!)

It was a nice try, 83rd Annual Academy Awards. But either let us have Hugh Jackman/Billy Crystal back or stop kidding yourselves.

At least Beiber didn't win an award.... =)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Talk Thursday // President Sarah, Year 2035

In the year 2035, somehow the American people elected a crazy gal named Sarah Lewis (if she's married, she kept her last name). It was a huge upset for the electoral process (even though there are flying cars, they still can't get ballots right in Florida), but the nation has rallied behind the new legislatures put forward by President Sarah. Enjoy a taste of what 2035 looks like:

1. All Venetian blinds have been discarded for the "naked window" look and Venetian blinds have been syphoned off for use in glue making factories (we're still not sure about the effectiveness of this process).
2. When there is a sunny day in the Puget Sound area, the 'meds & feds' take the afternoon off; everyone else has the morning off.
3. Higher education costs for middle-low class demographics are 70% paid for by millionaires who can easily foot that bill.
4. Credit cards are not sent willy-nilly to people under 40, unless they have a specific need or can demonstrate effective and positive money-managing skills.
5. For every $10 donated to an animal shelter/animal rights group, $6 of that goes to human trafficking or clean water organizations in under-developed countries.
6. Movie tickets cost $4.50 and movie theatre food is no longer highway robbery. But all you can get is popcorn and JuJuBees.
7. The Seahawks are now "America's Football Team" and most people have already forgotten about the Cowboys and the Pats. And the Steelers franchise was disbanded President Sarah's first day in office.
8. Waiting at the DMV is no longer necessary for car registration; this can now happen at your local 7-11.
9. Divorces are allowed only after a 18-month waiting period in which counseling is required and state-funded.
10. Only one commercial is allowed to be played per 20 minute increment of television.
Exceptions to this rule are the hamster/Kia commercials. Because those are hilarious.
11. For churches to keep their tax-exempt status, they have to share their resources with other churches in their denomination within a 50-mile radius.
12. You cannot change lanes in the middle of an intersection. Or on a bridge. Or in the middle of a hallway. (This last one isn't for cars; it's for people. Cause that's just annoying.)
13. Sex Ed classes are reserved for children 11+. If a child needs a sex ed class earlier for some reason, this must be a group class with parents, child & teacher.
14. A prerequisite for graduation for high school seniors is watching "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."
15. Females who dress like they cannot afford an entire outfit will be given a new wardrobe care of First Baptist Podunk Town, USA.

This is what I envision would happen if I were ever President of these-here United States.
If you were elected President, what new laws would you enforce? What would your lobby-hobby horses be? =)
This idea was done in part thanks to And also because we haven't Talk Thursday-ed in a while. (Yes, that's now a verb.) =)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Random Conversations in Random Places

It's time again for another rousing story of "Interesting Conversations Sarah Finds Herself In When She's In Random Places", which is what I assume everyone waits for in their days. =)

A couple years ago, I shared about the Starbucks conversation; on Saturday there was another blog-worthy with a man who tried to scare me out of doing international missions (ask for that one later).

However, today's conversation didn't occur in, was at the chiropractor's office.

There are several reasons why I love going to the chiropractor. Getting my back fixed is one; moments like this afternoon is one as well.

Starting with the Seahawks and their stylish and practical gear, the conversation quickly turned to what I did this weekend. Well, considering that homework encompasses my life, I mentioned to my doctor that I wrote a biblical theology paper. I'm assuming he thought this was cool/interesting because for the next 10 + minutes we discussed (meaning he talked, I listened in fascination) "theoretical theological quantum physics", the Matrix and the Bible.

Now, I've never seen the Matrix ("Firefly" & Orson Scott Card tap my nerdery in sci-fi stuff), but I've read the Bible. And I've never before considered them as having anything to do with the other. Until now.

Thus, I give you the short-short version of the "theoretical theological quantum physics" as per my chiropractor:

Ok, so, in the "Matrix" people are really just warm bodies in vats run by machines (I keep saying this is going to happen!). Neo, our protagonist friend, is the sum of all the anomalies in the machinery universe. He has "free will" and can see outside of the created world that the machines have created for humanity. He is told that he is the 6th version of the anomaly so that the machines can keep "upgrading." So Neo 7.0 is just the one that we, the audience, are introduced to, but he is not the only, nor will he be the last.

At this point, I couldn't really see where this was going to tie in with the Bible, but this is what my doctor then said (Sarah's paraphrase): "It's like Genesis/Revelation - God says that in the end, He will create a new heaven & a new earth. How many times has He or will He do that? It doesn't matter for Him to tell us; what matters is His love and grace for us now. But it's an interesting theory."

And for the last 6 hours, I have been turning this over in my head. I have since come up with 3 thoughts (yes, only three):

1. It's really moot for God to tell us if we're the 2nd or 6th or 12th version of heaven & earth. And we're never going to know that this side of heaven. What does matter is that God loves us and has asked us to demonstrate this love to the rest of the world. I've been so annoyed in one of my classes this semester - Christian Theology 2 - because we go round and round and round about whether or not someone can lose their salvation and if all are elect or if there is an "elect" and if babies go to heaven when they die. Yes, those are important things to talk about and consider and hammer out biblically. But at the end of the day, the biggest thing that matters, no matter what side of an argument you land on, is the fact that God loves us and wants us to love Him and others in return. It's irrelevant for Him to give us all the details about His character, His plan for the universe, history, future, etc because the biggest thing to know and acknowledge is His love.

2. That guy is smart. And I'm a little jealous.

3. My life is hilarious. I get to have the greatest conversations in the most random places and carry them around with me forever. So many reasons to keep going back to the chiropractor. =)

This concludes Sarah's random conversation of the day with her doctor. However, I am curious: have ya'll had an awesomely random conversations lately? And what do you think of the "theoretical theological quantum physics" theory?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Problem With Thinking

The problem with thinking is that it makes my brain hurt.

The problem with thinking is that I can't get out all the tangled mess that's in my head.

The problem with thinking is that it so rarely turns into action.

The problem with thinking is that I don't know if what I'm thinking is crazy.

The problem with thinking is that I don't know if what I'm thinking is right.

The problem with thinking is that if what I am thinking is right then how do I help other people think like that, turn that into action and promote the Kingdom of God on earth?

The problem with thinking is that so often it just feels like I'm spinning my wheels.

I think I'll stop thinking now....

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back to School//Round 5

It's that time again.

The time I have to slow down on the movie-watching, book-reading, free-time-having, state-hopping activities and buckle back down into school.

It's now time for coffee-guzzling, textbook-reading, late-night-having, exam-cramming, list-making, hour-by-hour-planning, classroom-sitting, 6-hour-commuting, brain-dead-walking once more.

Complaints aside I'm excited for the classes I'm enrolled in this semester. Project-heavy, but will be purposeful for ministry and applicable for my life. (I hope.)

Are ya'll back in school this semester? If so, what transitions are you trying to make again?

Happy back to school, Spring 2011!