Friday, February 27, 2009


Well, I finally figured out what to give up for Lent. And let me tell you, I'm pretty scared I'll fail. 

The Lord led me to.... Facebook. Yeah... Yeah. Facebook is practically my BFF! (Sorry actual people in my world.)

You would be shocked (SHOCKED!) if you knew just how much time I spend on Facebook. Doing. Absolutely. Nothing. If I spent even half the time I spend on Facebook with the Lord... whoa. Just whoa. Plus, I am so easily distracted and since I'm trying to do this whole "school" thing again and that includes homework now... 

So, I think it'll be good. Hard. Difficult. Tempting. But good. 

All that to say... please don't get annoyed when I'm overcompensating here. Although, that would pretty much negate the purpose of fasting from the interweb-ness... yeah, I'm screwed. 

Oh well. Happy Lent! =)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Talk Thursday // In Another Life...

The other day a friend and I had to take her little girl to the pediatrician. This particular doctor was just so good with my little Mexidorian friend that it made me think "In another life, I totally could have been a pediatrician. Not in this life. But definitely in another life."

Now, don't be concerned: I don't believe in reincarnation. I'm saying that I would love to do that - work with kids and make them feel better. I'm just not that smart. Or driven. 

You fill in the blanks: 

"In another life, I could have been ___________. "

"I am currently __________. "

Me? I want to be a missions mobilizer when I grow up. Cause that would be freaking sweet. And awesome. 

C'mon... your turn. =)


I recently told you guys that I was celebrating Febarple again due to my crazy intake of Dr. Pepper. 

The problem is that I also celebrate Lent. I want to give up something that means something. Not just give something up for the sake of the season or because it's not that hard to stay away from. Like, I can't say "Oh, I'll give up watching robot movies for Lent and that will be my fast." That's ridiculous. I can't give up something if I never do it in the first place. Jesus doesn't like that. 

But, since Lent starts TODAY and I'm still not sure what would be good (and the Lord isn't sharing His thoughts), I thought I'd ask ya'll for some advice. What would you give up for Lent? Are you giving up anything at all?

Happy Lenten Season! =)

Sunday, February 22, 2009



1.capable of or susceptible to being wounded or hurt, as by a weapon: a vulnerable part of the body. to moral attack, criticism, temptation, etc.: an argument vulnerable to refutation; He is vulnerable to bribery.
3.(of a place) open to assault; difficult to defend: a vulnerable bridge.

"I learned that being vulnerable doesn't mean being weak." - Anne Hathaway

This is the word of the day. 

It is the bane of my miserable existence; 

it makes me tired and upset;

and it is something that I have to deal with. 


Before it eats me alive. 

I am scared to death. 

Friday, February 20, 2009

Talk Friday//A Sick Day

Well, friends, I took a sick day yesterday. I got home from Portland feeling fine, but then during my small group class thought I was going to chuck all over the pastor. (Don't worry, I didn't.) It was rough. I do feel better now, but I am still using my under the weather-ness to justify not working out. =)

Since I had a sick day and sleep was the only thing that made me feel better... today's question:

What makes you feel better when you're sick? Is there a sure-fire remedy you employ that I can steal? 

Hopefully this bug will pass soon. If not, I'll be forced to not work out all week... 

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Febarple: noun. A holiday designed for Lent-esque purposes, specifically in abstaining from beverage-related addiction consumption February 15-April 15 each year. 

Yes, friends, it's that time of the year. For those of you that don't know, each year (this is year #3) I celebrate a little known holiday called Febarple (defined above). The first year involved a bet - dinner for the winner (and I ain't gonna turn down no free dinner!) Since then I've simply been doing it for myself. I like to prove that I can do it. 

I love Dr. Pepper. You could seriously put it in an IV and I'd be golden. If I could, my pantry would look like this....

As I've mentioned before, I love traditions. This is a tradition I do, even though I do it by myself now. 

But these next two months will be tough because I RARELY go one day without my sweet elixir. I'm sure my dreams will consist of several variations on this:


**** UPDATE ****
Due to mass volumes (ie. 2) comments that my definition of Febarple should be expanded, I have done so above. If any of you care to join me in the tradition of Febarple of your own beverage addiction, let me know. It'll be a team-building thing! =)

I choose DP... what about you?

Friday, February 13, 2009

I Got Tagged...

1. Go to where you store your digital photos and open the 4th folder.
2. Go to the 4th picture and post it.
3. Explain the picture
4. Tag an additional 4 people.

Nic "tagged" me in this endeavor, so I decided to follow suit. Mostly cause I like those Tews, but also cause I like sharing pictures. =) So....

This is a photo of the road to Damascus. Damascus, Missouri, that is. =)

All through college it was a dream of mine to travel on this road and take a picture so I could say I was "on the road to Damascus."  (It's funny because of Paul. And Jesus. Oh, Bible humor...)

Anyway, I lived in Missouri for 5 years and never once did I head down this road. So in October, when I was there visiting, my girlfriends and I pulled over on Highway 13 and headed down towards Damascus. It was awesome. 

And because this is a "game" to play, I tag Sarah C., Mr. Maples, Jamie in SoCal, and Teresa in Ft. Worth. 

[ I know the game called for the one picture, but I can't help but share these too... =) ]

Emily and I running towards Damascus...
Jenny having a "Pauline" experience.
Oh happy days on the road to Damascus. =)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Talk Thursday//Holidays

A Valentine's Poem:
Roses are red, 
Violets are blue, 
It's Talk Thursday, 
How do you do?
Hallmark's favorite holiday is here
That means this weekend I'll probably need a beer
Not cause I'm bitter or a hater
It's just rough to see everyone else with a mate (r) 
People tell me "It's ok! Jesus was single too!"
I reply "Yeah, and He was also a Jew"
(That makes sense cause I'm not a Jew...)
Cupid and his pals will send heart-shaped pizzas
While me and my pals will heartily eat... those... pizzas.
Alright, this poem officially sucks.
But you all love Talk Thursdays so you read through the muck. 
How do you feel about Valentine's? 
Do you have plans?
Whatever you do, have a happy holiday and don't be gruff.
Enjoy these Valentine's cards that crack my stuff.

 I appreciate the honesty. =)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


When I was 17 or 18, I wrote a list of things I would like to accomplish in my life. I can't remember what they all were (post for a different day), but the one that I remember well was:

* Learn enough Greek and Hebrew to be able to translate the Bible on my own.

I was in high school when I wrote that. Before the Lord changed my major to Bible and my heart to exegesis and missions. 

Now, I don't have a premonition that I'm going to die anytime soon, but it's really cool to think that I'm going to have accomplished that one thing by the time I turn 25. I took 3 years of Hebrew in college and have translated several parts of the OT; I'm currently taking (and will continue to take) Greek and by 2010 will have translated portions of the NT. 

I don't say that because I'm pretentious or a jerk or self-righteous (I hope). I say it because I had a goal and I will have accomplished that goal. Which is really cool. 

What was a goal you set and have met? 

What dreams are you still chasing?

How do you anticipate accomplishing that?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Time - She's a Tricky Mistress

It has been one year today since I've been home from Missouri. 

In some ways, it feels like I've changed.
In some ways, it feels like I've stayed exactly the same. 
And I'm not sure how I feel about that. 

I'm no longer "homesick" for Washington. 
Now I get "homesick" for Missouri. 

This is the place I know God wants me to be. At times that has been the only thing keeping me here. =)

It's amazing what a year does.
So much.
So little. 

"Time heals all wounds" - I don't know about that. 

"Time wounds all heals" often seems more appropriate. 

So here's to a year. 

What have you learned from February 7th, 2008 to February 7th, 2009?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Talk Thursday//BookWorms

I recently finished reading The Year of Living Biblically by A.J. Jacobs & Jesus Wants
 to Save Christians
 (not to be confused with Jesus wanting to save Christmas) by Rob Bell & Don Golden. Both were AWESOME!! and I highly recommend them both. Currently I'm reading Churched:One Kid's Journey Toward God Despite a Holy Mess by Matthew Paul Turner. And it is fuuu-nnny!

So for Talk Thursday, what are you reading? What would you recommend? What wouldn't you recommend? Let's make this like a big ol' book club. =)

Monday, February 2, 2009


I just need to say that I'm hurt and tired of being hurt. 

I long for things I cannot have. Not now, maybe not ever. 

Prayer makes me EXTREMELY uncomfortable. 

Being vulnerable makes me tired and I don't like doing it.

I wish God would stop with this "already/not yet" business and change me immediately to what He wants me to be. 

I wish there was no struggle. 

I am more annoyed with myself now because this was all about me when there are much bigger things going on in the world. 

Sorry for the vague post. I needed to emotionally vomit. Hope that's ok with ya'll. If not, well, come back tomorrow. I'll have something happier up then.