Friday, May 9, 2008

Music for the Soul

As I drove down the other day (wishing it would get to be at least spring already!!) I popped in a new CD (Sara Groves, "Tell Me What You Know"). The windows came down (a little), the music went up and I rediscovered that there is just some music that settles in my soul like a warm breeze.
Before the days of iPods and iTunes there were days when I knew exactly what CD I wanted to listen to and when. I would come home and think, "Ah yes...this is a Rascal Flatts day." Or "Hmmm...the only thing that even sounds alright is Bonnie Tyler." Now, I have shuffle and skip and I can bounce from CD to CD without even missing a beat.
But when I heard the sweet melodies of Sara Groves, I realized that no matter what happens with the future of how we listen to music, I will always need some CDs. And for your reading and learning about me pleasure, here they are =) :

- Pretty much anything by Caedmon's Call. I will always need Caedmons. Good days and bad; sunny or rainy; stressed or blessed - Caedmon's has my heart for the long haul.
- Sara Groves "All Right Here". I tell ya - that CD makes me more and more self-aware and God-aware than I thought possible.
- James Taylor's Greatest Hits. I like his CD's in general, but I like having the majority of my favorites convienently located on one CD.
- Watermark self-title. The first Watermark CD I owned. I've listened to it for so long it's scratched and dinged, but by golly, I'll listen to it until I can't anymore. Then I'll just go buy another one.
- Andrew Peterson's "Clear to Venus" and "Behold the Lamb of God".
- "You Are Super! All Girl's Mix" made for me by Annie Monette. All done by women who are strong and capable and want to know their God better and love others more. I don't know 1/2 the artists on there, but I love it just the same.
- Shane and Shane's "Psalms". I currently don't own this CD b/c mine broke. But when I can, I'm buying it again. There is really nothing better than listening to the Psalms (with some Hosea and Isaiah mixed in) done in song - the way they were meant to.

Some music is just the music to your soul. These are just a sampling of mine. Pretty much, if any of these CD's are in and I'm jamming to them, you could get away with anything. (Please don't try it though.) =)

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