Friday, May 2, 2008

Stories You Didn't Hear in Sunday School

"A Sermon Series"

So I've been thinking a great deal about what I would preach if I were, in fact, preaching somewhere. Which I'm not (don't worry my ultra-conservative Baptist readers =) ). And while this wouldn't be my "series opener", I think that this collection (see above) would be so much fun. Here are my ideas; let me know what you think.

* Judges 19: Israel's Compromise = A Concubine's Calamity
(don't worry - no more alliterations)

* Judges 3.15-30: Assasination of Magnanimous Proportions

* Genesis 34: Deception, Treachery and Murder: Your Typical Family Story

* Deuteronomy 25, specifically vs. 11 (b/c it's my favorite): Laws Who Wouldn't Want to Obey?

* Judges 4: Women Who Rule

* Judges 11: Be Careful What You Offer

*Genesis 38: Caution on the Side of Er (get it? It's really "err on the side of caution", but his name is Er. It's funny....)

* 2 Samuel 16.5-14: I actually have nothing for this b/c I've never read it before...right now

* Ezekial 47.1-12: Life, Temples and Other Mysteries (gotta love a good POG reference)

* Mark 5.1-20: Jesus and the Demons: Battle for the Naked Guy

* Matthew 1.1-17//Luke 3.23-37: Genealogies are Fun!

* Luke 14.25-34: The Cost of Discipleship

* Acts 5.1-11: You Know Where Liars Go...

* Acts 8.4-26: There's Only One

* Acts 27: Who Doesn't Want to Hear About a Shipwreck?!

And finally:

* Pretty much the whole book of Revelation - good stuff, but you'll never hear about it in SS


Travis W. said...

Sarah, those could be pretty funny. They would be a lot better than some of the messages I have been giving.

Sarah Lewie said...

Thanks. I wish I was able to preach somewhere and throw them in once in a while. =) Maybe I'll write them out and you can use them. I'll be preaching vicariously through you. =)