Thursday, May 21, 2009

Talk Thursday // It's That Time of the Year Again

Today we went shopping for my youngest sister's prom dress. Finally, after looking through ball gowns, formals, and skanktastic eyesores, we hit the jackpot. Dillards, thank you very much. 

And it got me to reminiscing about my own prom experience. I went with my friend, Sara and our group of other friends, rather than go with a bunch of sweaty, spastic and easily excited senior high boys. I have heard of some prom experiences that were simply terrifying and some that were awkward. Luckily mine was just fun and friend-filled with very minimal drama. 

So I ask: what was your prom experience? Did you get to go to prom? Was it during a time of puffy sleeves (a la Pretty In Pink) or during a time of Fat Boy Slim (a la She's All That)? 

If you share, I promise to post pictures from my senior prom and from Rachael's. ;)


MoMountainGrrl said...

oh...prom. My JR prom was fun. I went with a group of friends and wore a dress that was so poofy when I sat down on the charter bus seat it took up my seat, the seat next to me, and the aisle. (We went to Branson and had prom on the Branson Belle.)

SR prom was a nightmare. I went with a guy friend/pseudoboyfriend/whatever we were and he ditched me for someone else. When I took him home after (yeah...he was a freshman) i called him some very bad names and didnt talk to him for over a week.

The one and only prom thing i miss is the dress shopping. I loved dress shopping. LOVED it.

JD said...

prom is stupid.

my sophomore year i went with my gf who was a junior. my junior year, i skipped prom (because i broke up with previously mentioned gf three weeks before prom) and spent the evening spray painting public property. my senior year i went with a group of friends, who all had dates. mine stood me up.

whatever. prom is stupid.


Sara said...

My prom was awesome!!! Mainly because you were my date and man were you one hot date! ;) I really enjoyed not having a boy date that night, I think I wouldn't have had nearly as much fun if I had brought a dude(think of poor Janna that night...) Even now as an "adult" I think that sometimes bringing a girlfriend to special events is more fun than trying to scrounge up a guy. But, hey, that's just me!

Love you,
Kempey :)

Cary said...

I didn't go to either of my proms.

I think I played video games w/friends instead.

Word verification: auntberti, as in, Aunt Berti.

Best one I've had yet!

Jamie said...

I wore the most amazing antique dress that I bought from a lady who had a "shop" in a shed in her backyard in Bakersfield. That was the only good thing about my prom, unfortunately. I asked my date - the local pot salesman, because he looked amazing. After we left the hotel we went to his apt (he was a hs drop out who somehow could afford his own place!), someone ate shrooms, flipped out & bit a guy's arm. Then I left.

And I've got the awkward photo to prove it!!

TenaciousT said...

JR year I went by myself and spent the night making my ex jealous (totally worked, by the way) in my all-time favorite dress (think bridesmaid dress, baby blue).

SR year I went with a platonic date and had just as much fun... got my dress from a locally owned boutique but one of the straps broke right before pictures and i look really awkward cause of it. oh and then after prom, my date drove me through krispy kreme then dropped me off at my friends house (typical youth group gathering) to go to a typical after-prom kegger. classy. at least i got to keep the donuts.

Nic said...

So, I was a prom slut and went to prom all 4 years. That about covers it. I loved them all though because I liked dancing so much but rarely danced. I, ashamedly, was prom king. I definitely knew how to rally the underdogs against the untouchables above. :)