Thursday, May 14, 2009

Talk Thursday // A Little Change

Is there anyone else out there who craves change? Who needs it to get by? I'm one of those crazy people who, in an attempt to stay sane, has to rearrange the furniture in her room at least once every two months or so. It happened all through college and has continued on. 

Some people are highly averse to change. They notice when a picture gets moved, shut down when job descriptions are modified, can't handle the new landscaping on the side of the highway. 

So I ask: are you a changer or a stability-type of person? Are you both? How do you stay sane? =)


TenaciousT said...

I am like you - I like rearranging and adjusting and trying new things... but I balance that out with a need for consistency. I do like some things to be constant. As long as I get a good balance of both, I'm okay.
But I'm also one of those people who don't always notice change. Andrew laughs at how not observant I am. Our apartment complex put a fountain in the entrance and I didn't notice for weeks... so... maybe that's part of it?

Jamie said...

I like change! I can't stand to have my hair the same way for too long. Like this do I have now - I really like it & thought I'd keep it for awhile. But its coming up on a year & I'm getting bored.

That was a pretty shallow contribution to the "change" subject, huh!

Jenny said...

I hate change, but I do crave it. It is very strange - I want it until it happens, but then when it happens I have a really hard time adjusting. Strange - I know.

I stay sane by either talking through things (which you well know) or by getting by myself and just having some time to process. In my life, filled with people, I crave that alone time.

Miss you friend. I think you should go for a BIG change and move back to Missouri. I am going to need a roommate starting in October.

Nic said...

I love me some change. I have a hard time when that change means losing important people around me though.