Tuesday, August 24, 2010


* Life is better when it is sunny

* Power-walking up a huge hill sucks

* Power-walking up a huge hill is necessary when your office has supplied you with an endless stream of carbohydrates during your workday

* Goldfish crackers & coffee do not mix well (either in the same container or in my mouth)

* Not all people needing a mental health appointment are crazy

* A diet of straight country music can only last so long

* A diet of straight Dr Pepper & coffee is bad for your kidneys

* A diet of straight vegetables is bad for...your chocolate intake

* It's not until you're about to obtain it do you realize just HOW exciting the prospect of getting health insurance is

* It's not until you realize how excited you are about health insurance that it becomes evident that you've become an "adult"

* Twitter is made all the more fun when the phone alert is birds chirping

* Twitter is made all the less fun when it comes straight to your phone as a text message

* With school starting in a week, getting the homework done early seems preemptive, but delightfully fulfilling

* I have missed blogging and all that it entails (not to be confused with entrails...I don't miss those)

1 comment:

Chris Ryan said...

Sadly, I can relate to those health insurance observations.

Lately, I've also observed that it is no bueno for a university to take away about 150 parking spots from one spot and not replace them elsewhere. Mucho no bueno.

In honor of this observation, blogger made the word verification "shodylot" which, in English, is "Shoddy lot" which is exactly the current state of parking affairs.