Monday, September 13, 2010

I Heart Fall (and I don't "Heart" a lot of things)

Much of this blog has been spent bemoaning the fact that I am cold. And that this frozen tundra of Seattle has little to offer in the way of summer.

However, this last weekend reminded me of a true love: autumn. Why this sudden shift in allegiences?

The answer, my friends, is simple:

College ball was on Saturday (though not as much as I would have prefered) and NFL on Sunday. The weather was perfection. It felt like a text-book perfect autumn day - windy, crisp, and the sounds of football coming through the TV receiver.

So the next time you catch me whining that I miss summer or being warm or swimming or needing to shave my legs, you just remind me that it's football season and all is right with the world. Then you can punch me in the face.

(The aforementioned agreement is only in effect until February when football season ends, basketball is dominating the sports networks, & I'm wearing a parka. Then I'm free to go to town on how much I hate cold weather & miss summer.)

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