Thursday, September 16, 2010

Talk Thursday//Frankie Say Relax!

There is a lot that ends up on our plates throughout the day. Between work, school, kids, projects, family responsibilities, or life in general there is a lot to deal with. And it gets hard to figure out how to balance it all. Much less do it with as little stress as possible.

But Frankie say relax and quite frankly (bahahaha), we need to do it.

So in honor of Talk Thursday, I present to you a topic of discussion (cause that's how I roll):

What causes you stress? And how do you take the time to eradicate said stress? What are your modes of relaxation?

Maybe something that you do helps someone else here figure out how to relax (and believe me, I'm going to be trying all your suggestions!). I am terrible myself about taking specific time to do something not-required from my life. Or if I do, I just end up feeling guilty about doing so. But that's not relaxing. And I don't want to disobey Frankie. =)

(I so hope this song is stuck in your head the rest of the day. Because it now sure as heck is stuck in mine!)


Erica Grubaugh said...

Over the summer, when Amanda Whitehead was staying with her parents in MI, we talked on the phone almost daily. It was a fabulous time of de-stressing; unloading one's frustrations and taking time to focus on those of someone else at the same time.

I have another good friend a few hours away whom I talk to on the phone two or three times a week, and it proves to be pretty good stress relief for the both of us. We vent, we discuss, we laugh, we bitch, and then we challenge each other to do it better tomorrow. Sometimes we do it better, sometimes we don't, but the talks themselves certainly help.

I just find that a phone convo with a good friend at the end of the day can do wonders. And talking on the phone used to make me nervous.

Anonymous said...

I browse through items on Etsy and add them to my favorites list. Today however this is not working to reduce my stress. Sarah what do you do to de-stress?