Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back to School//Round 5

It's that time again.

The time I have to slow down on the movie-watching, book-reading, free-time-having, state-hopping activities and buckle back down into school.

It's now time for coffee-guzzling, textbook-reading, late-night-having, exam-cramming, list-making, hour-by-hour-planning, classroom-sitting, 6-hour-commuting, brain-dead-walking once more.

Complaints aside I'm excited for the classes I'm enrolled in this semester. Project-heavy, but will be purposeful for ministry and applicable for my life. (I hope.)

Are ya'll back in school this semester? If so, what transitions are you trying to make again?

Happy back to school, Spring 2011!

1 comment:

Matt said...

Hyphenated noun-gerund (participle...?) annoyances aside, I hope your semester is awesome! And I hope in the midst of all your late nights, cramming, coffee buzzes, and projectization, you and I can still make time to talk regularly. Because I love you! :)

^see I did it without the endless noun-gerund combinations. But that's part of why I love you...your ghetto-fabulous knack of linguistic creativity.