Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Talk Thursday // Still Holdin' On

When I was in junior high boy bands were incredibly prolific. Backstreet Boys, N*SYNC, 98 Degrees, name it, we knew 'em. I was never one of those screamy, crying girls who wept over the prospect of seeing one of these bands live (usually), but I will admit that I loved every one of them. My sister and I weren't allowed to hang posters of boys on our walls, but I had a binder full of TigerBeat and Teen HeartThrob pages cut out and stuck in page protectors.

As much as I loved Backstreet Boys and N*SYNC and all those guys, there was a band that I loved the most. My binder had the lead singer about every other page and I distinctly remember writing our names together (SL + TH). I kept it under wraps because it was the source of a lot of mockery. However, I'm older now and a little more secure in my identity. So I'm just going to claim this...

I loved Hanson.

Yeah, these kids.

And you know what, I still love Hanson.

I have been waiting for years for another Hanson album (and waiting to get the courage/self-esteem to admit this love). But now it's finally here...

It's an excellent album. And it satisfies both the junior high Sarah's love for Hanson & the 25-year-old Sarah's need for good music.

Most of you probably had a celebrity crush once upon a time. Maybe admitting it forced you to endure much mocking. Maybe you still harbor this love secretly.

But let's get it all out there...

Who were you all about back in the day? Was it mock-worthy? And if they put out a new CD/movie/book/TV show how soon would you snatch that up?

(And Taylor Hanson, if you're reading this, I still love you. =) )


Anonymous said...

I was in love with Hanson particularly Zack Hanson. My parents allowed me to plaster all the pictures of him that I wanted all over my walls and I had all the memorabilia I could get my hands on. Yes I was obsessed. I also really digged JTT (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) actually more so than Hanson. I was just talking to Brett and about Hanson the other day telling him I wish I still had their CD's and wondering if they had anything new out.


Heather said...

Oh sister, you may have tried to keep your Hanson love under wraps, but I knew. I knew!!! How many times did I catch you "MMm-Boppin" in your room? Too many to count.

I loved (and would probably still if I weren't married) JT. Justin Timberlake. NSYNC and solo, he was my teen/college years crush. A little part of me is still waiting for another JT CD...