Thursday, January 15, 2009

Talk Thursday // The Boob Tube

I never thought I was one of "those" people whose life revolved around TV. Yes, I have my shows, but wouldn't stress if I had to catch them later online. 

However, over the last several months I have found myself balking at plans that take place during my shows. Sometimes even refusing to answer phone calls when I'm watching. I used to chalk this up to the fact that my sister and I had a standing date for these things and I didn't want to cut into time with her. Yet again, I was wrong. It's me. And it's the TV. 

So, fess up people. What shows are you addicted to? If you say "none", pray. Because we all know you're lying. Then you can come back and tell us. Or leave an anonymous comment. That way we can't judge you. =)

I'll be real: my shows are currently "How I Met Your Mother" (Mondays @ 8.30/7.30c), "NCIS" (Tuesdays @ 9.00/8.00c), & "The Office" (Thursdays @ 9.00/8.00c). But if I could, I would also watch "The Colbert Report" (because I love him). I'm waiting for "Make Me a Supermodel" to return & I will most likely get hooked on "American Idol" again this season. 


MoMountainGrrl said...

I have several shows that I am hooked on...but only one show will I be VERY upset if I miss it.

One Tree Hill, Monday Nights at 8:00 Missouri time. I love me some OTH.

I also like to watch Real World/Brooklyn it's (DRAMA CENTRAL), Intervention, and I think I'm getting hooked on Confessions of a Teen Idol as well as Tool Academy.

I need a life. :)

Jamie said...

I have been watching waaay too much TV lately.
I actually said to myself a few weeks ago "DO NOT WATCH AMERICAN IDOL!!", but what have given 4 hours (actually maybe 3.5 hrs thanks to DVR) of my life to the past two nights?!
The Office is non-negotiable.
ER (I'm hardcore from the George Clooney/Julianne Margulies era)
CSI (original, not Miami or NY!)

Emily said...

me and jenny are currently addicted to top chef. we are suckers for those bravo reality series. with the GIANT exception of the real housewives. i want to throw my tv out the window everytime i see a commercial or accidently run across that show.

Loken said...

The Office! I hate missing it.
Not having cable though limits what's on too.
Although I watch a lot of TV on DVD now.
Just finished the Sopranos (amazing!) saw the first season of Californication and currently watching Entourage.

Chris.Maples said...

If I were one of those people who could stick to a schedule, I would religiously watch Bones.

And probably find other things to watch. But I like spontaneity too much to give it up.

Alas. I'm so lame. XD

But I'm addicted to internet.

Which does not decrease the lame-itude.

By the way, my world: cingeo.