Friday, January 9, 2009

Nothing Makes Senses

Apart from celebrating the wedding of two of my dearest friends and spending glorious time with several more wonderful and dear friends, this was probably the highlight of my trip to Mississippi:

Ahhh...I love the South. 


Jamie said...

Love the backwards Ss!
At least it doesn't say "Love, Jesus" at the bottom.

Sarah Lewie said...

Touche Jamie, touche. =)

Michael Gilley said...

lol We are all losers! hehe

That's great. Who agreed to put that thing up?

TenaciousT said...

I heard of one sign in the south that says, "Remember, Incest is Wrong" or something outlandishly silly like that ("Remember??")... it may have been a joke somebody made up, but still thats funny.

Jenny said...

Nothing makes senses.... let's just go get some non-allcoholic beverages.