Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm a Jerk

December came in with record-breaking snowfalls for Western Washington. January came in with record-breaking rainfall for Western Washington. It rained so much here that rivers crested and they had to close down 2o miles of I-5 due to flooding.

My first thought? How am I going to get down to school? This is so unfair.

People have lost homes and businesses under feet of water; the state was backed up with trucks who couldn't deliver their loads; some people missed incredibly poignant events because of the rainfall. 

And that was my first thought. 

It's amazing what a little perspective will do...

I'm a jerk.


Juanita said...

You are not a jerk. You are a human and we humans have a very close to the vest perspective on life. How does this event affect me? is usually the first reaction. The fact that you at a point actually considered the trauma to the other affected people is evidence that the nature of God is resident in you.

Jamie said...

I think I can top that - sometimes when there is an accident on the freeway I get annoyed that the traffic is backed up and I'll be late to wherever I'm going. Ugh!!

True confession Monday? :)