Thursday, January 28, 2010

Talk Thursday // Pick a Side...We're at War

For years, war has been brewing. People are picking sides, fighting vehemently for what they stand for, giving no ground to those who oppose their view. During this time, I have stood idly by, not sure how to expound on the overwhelming nature of the fight. Leaders on both sides of the fence are doing their best to tell America, and the world, how to cast their vote, where to place their loyalties.

But as promises are made and many are broken, I can keep quiet no more. Americans need to take a stand! It's time for the Hephzibah reading community to stand and assert their stance!

The war that I'm obviously talking about is Mac vs. PC.

I gotcha there, huh? You guys (you know who you are) were getting riled up to talk about health reform or the troops in Iraq or gay marriage. But before your steam lets completely out, take a moment to declare your stance on the Mac/PC topic.

With the announcement of the new iPad and the flurry of Vista commercials, Justin Long and that guy with the glasses are probably rollin' in the dough and America is torn usunder. Do I buy a Kindle or an iPad? Should I use a Zune or an iPod?? Which will be better for school: a Dell or a MacBook??? Windows Media Player or iTunes???? Blackberry or iPhone???? SO MANY CHOICES!!!!!!

So which are you? Are you a Mac or a PC? Do you have life-size posters of Steve Jobs or Bill Gates hanging in your bedroom? Do you text on your Windows compatible Blackberry or go i-style with the iPhone 3G? (or are you like me and have a Sony-Ericsson that only types about one letter/minute because it's been dropped about 12 too many times?) Would you rather have a cup of coffee with the bespectacled guy or with Justin Long?

If I were to ever have enough money to feed a 3rd world country for a week (well, first I'd try to feed a 3rd world country for a week) THEN I would buy an iPhone 2G (because it'll unlock for T-Mobile) and a 16GB iPod (because the batteries on those iPhones aren't so great when you listen to music all the time).

Obviously, I'm a Mac.

What are you?


Erica Grubaugh said...

Well, I've never really had a chance to use anything Mac, but I'd certainly rather have coffee with Justin Long. =P

JD said...

i hate our pc. i would be a mac person if i could afford it. so would jen.

MoMountainGrrl said...

I worship at the feet of Steve Jobs. (translate: i'm a mac person)

Stephen said...

I had this conversation with a coworker today! Macs are easier to use, don't get bogged down over time, and are just plain prettier. But PCs are more adept for upgrading if you're a techie. Windows software has a history of sucking (and each version only seems to get worse). However, Macs lack some types of software... namely gaming.

All in all, depends on your use, style, and finances. Money aside, I love my MacBook and iPod. I've even given them names. :-)

Jamie said...

my macbook is my 4th child :)

Michael Gilley said...

I'm not entirely sure you can separate the too but as it stands right now I would pick Mac over PC any day.

Anonymous said...

Obviously you are a theif... because you "borrowed" this from SCL! ;)

Oh, and I plead the fifth so that I don't have to decide between you and Joel.

Can't we all just get along?!


Sarah Lewie said...

I've named my Mac too...I call him Alex. But that's only because he tells me the time. When I get around to changing to voice, I'll probably change his name too.

And Adina, I'm not really a thief...Jon was asking whether or not GOD was a Mac or a PC, while I, on the other hand, am asking if YOU are a Mac or a PC. Lawyered! =)

I think I'd rather have lunch with the guy in glasses. Even if he is a PC. I'd probably try to convince him to the "other side". =)

Megan said...

I'm a Mac all the way, baby! However, I do understand the constraints of living in a PC dominated world. Therefore, I must reluctantly speak PC at work. I die a little inside every time I hit the power button on my work computer.

Heather said...

Since my marriage I've lived in a house divided. On the one side, I love my Farmer (Dell/PC). It's been a great laptop, never given me any problems. I've had it for 3 years and it's still working great. Stephen on the other side loves his Mac. It is a good computer. And after using both, I think they are both good. My PC is better for some things: video, Windows and I have a bigger screen. His Mac is better for internet, runs a little faster, and is lighter. I don't think I can take a side. Several months ago, I would have been PC all the way, but now I can see a world where Macs and Pcs coexist in harmony.

Christopher Maples said...

Linux. w0rd.

Sara said...

I want the iPad, bad.

Sarah Lewie said...

I hear that, Loken. I hear that.