Thursday, February 4, 2010

Talk Thursday // Heart Healing

Just to put myself completely out there: I have been really discouraged lately. This has come in many forms in the last 3 weeks: lonliness, self-esteem issues, financial worries, future worries, bitterness, unneccessary guilt. And it gets really hard to trust that its just a "season" (the Christian catchphrase for "please Jesus let me not feel like this for much longer").

But in the midst of this discouragement and the constant battle to trust God's plan and His wisdom, I have found that there are a couple of things that move in my heart and lift my spirits. It's the things that on the days I feel like I like have no friends, no hope, no spark left they settle in my soul and rouse the joy.

Likely, we all have something that moves us to self-awareness and puts us in that place where peace just seems...reachable.

For me, it's the movie Elizabethtown, Caedmon's Call and James Taylor. No matter how dark the day or situation feels, Jesus somehow speaks through these things almost every time.

Are you in a place where you need something that soothes your soul? If so, do you have that thing that puts you at ease?

(If you don't, I would gladly recommend Elizabethtown, James Taylor or Caedmon's (especially 40 Acres, Long Line of Leavers, or In the Company of Angels, Vol. 1)). =)

Be at peace.


Sage and Cinnamon said...

I have been teetering on the edge of depression and falling over some days lately as well. I tend to pick up a Lori Wick book during these times. Also looking at pictures of my family especially my younger sister can lift me up although it can also do the opposite. Other things the help me keep my sanity are reading to Peter and Worship music including Kutless (Strong Tower) and BarlowGirl....sending you hugs

zdbuya said...

Heh, I like your deffinition of a season.

Mine is daydreaming and memories... accompanied by various musicians and bands. Or reading back through Ragamuffin Gospel or Searching for God Knows What. Or just riding out to someplace quiet and just listening, found a great place for that recently, eventhough it does take about 45 min to get to.

JD said...

being around people, especially if i can sit down with someone with a cup of coffee or other beverage and just talk.

i need that most days.

wv: stabbye: the events of a quick knifing (e.g. "Stab. Bye!")

Emily said...


Sara said...

Van Morrison, Van Morrison and more Van Morrison. The older stuff though.

Megan said...

Oh, Lewis, I feel you on this post. I've been totally discouraged and anxious about the future lately. Job searching is like a bad relationship. I've gone from extreme highs to lows that seem even deeper. Usually when I'm in the low points I need to veg out, eat some good food, listen to some depressing music (it makes me feel like there's always something worse than what I'm feeling. This week it was the band Brand New), and sleep. Usually after a day or two I can get enough perspective to know that whatever happens will end up being the path that I am meant to take and all the trials and tribulations just make the destination that much sweeter. Getting there can sometimes be a challenge though. When I figure out the secret to it all, you'll be the first person I tell.

Anonymous said...


I am considering unsubscribing from this blog. Please think about what you are doing to us by withholding your thoughts for over a week!


Sarah Lewie said...

Dear Disappointed/Pam,

You'll be strong.

the writer of this-here blog