Thursday, February 25, 2010

Talk Thursday // Dreamin'

Let's play a game: which of these things were not in my dream the other night? Is it:

A. Mocking giant-headed babies?

B. Rockin' it out on the guitar with Carlos Whittaker?

C. Playing perfectly Harry Connick Jr's "Let It Snow" with Shaun Groves?

D. Having our cruise ship attacked by pirates?

If you picked win! Well, at least you win awesome points (I'm broke as a joke, man).

I haven't figured out if it's something I eat, something I read or something I sniff before going to bed, but seriously, I have the craziest dreams.

And I'm sure you do too...

So let's chat. What's the most recent dream you can remember? Was I in it? ;)


Heather said...

Giant-headed mocking babies, guitar with CW and HCJ and SG? Really? Was this all in the same dream? Cause that is odd.
Last night I had like 7 separate dreams and they were all disturbing. It was not fun. And they are not the kind you share on your sisters blog. But no, you weren't in them. Be glad for that.

Sarah Lewie said...

Now I want to hear about them....

And I'm telling you, I must get somethin' TRIPPY in my airvents or something cause, yeah, they were are part of the same dream. It was CrIzAzY!

JD said...

i dreamed i was helping plan my high school reunion. then some weird stuff.

and you weren't in it. sorry.

wv: beenti - a drink that makes you fart

Sara said...
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Sara said...

I find that if I eat late I have really weird dreams. I have weird dreams all the time, but eating late can really make them odd.
The only I don't dream is when I drink to much. :)

Lydia said...

The other night, I dreamed I met Stephen Colbert and got him to autograph his book for me. Except that it was dedicated to you, and I was gonna mail it to you and was very excited about how happy you would be. And then I woke up.