Thursday, July 15, 2010

Talk Thursday // Chatty Cathy

Out of the blue phone calls from random friends inspire one of two things in me: fear or excitement. My first inclination is to assume that they are calling to tell me that someone died, that they themselves died or are badly injured, that they're in town for one day and I'm busy, etc et etc. Sometimes I will push myself out of the cave of neuroticism where I typically live and just be excited to talk with long-distance friends. (Today's conversation was the latter, in case you were curious.)

Sometimes you can have conversations just for the sake of conversation. And that's ok. It builds relationship and helps give you a common ground on which to stand with someone else. Sometimes you have conversations to accomplish a goal and hopefully the end of the conversation provides the results. And sometimes you have conversations that challenge and convict and illuminate. Many conversations span those three things and then some.

What kind of conversation do you typically enjoy most? Random? Poignant? Short? =)
Do your conversations leave you wanting more, wanting you to challenge yourself and be challenged by others?
How do you feel when you see a random, non-expected name pop up on your phone? (Or am I the only crazy one out there?)

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Heather said...

Whenever I see a random person pop up on my phone, I kind of feel like puking. Luckily, I hardly get those random phoners anymore. But on the off-chance that some old friend (or past-relationshippy- type person) calls, I usually wonder what is wrong. Maybe I'm too cynical.

I think I can list on one had all the people I talk to on a regular basis and these are people who I am never sad to see on my phone: You-Sarah, Emily Iler, Anna Robertson, Mom... And Stephen, but since I live with him, our phone chatting is limited.

I feel like I've been off the blog-o-sphere for a while, but rest assured I am back and I'm lovin' it!