Thursday, November 18, 2010

Talk Thursday//Awkward Turtle

One of the greatest and most awkward games to play (in my humble opinion) is the Fortune Cookie Game. If you've never played it, you've likely lived under a rock for the last 82 years and you've obviously never had Chinese food with me. (And if the latter is true, let's go eat. I love sweet 'n sour chicken!)

But for any "newbies" out there, what you do is after eating your delicious and not-at-all nutritious sweet 'n sour chicken and moo goo gai pan, you enjoy a tastless, origami-cut cookie. When you get your fortune out, whatever it says, you tack on "in bed" at the end. Ex: "A thrilling time is in your immediate bed." Or: "Your everlasting patience will be rewarded sooner or bed." Giggling ensues, awkwardness's delightful. Unless you eat Chinese food with your parents/grandparents. Then intense amounts of blushing occurs but nothing is allowed to be verbalized...cause that's worse than awkward...that's awkWEIRD.

I love awkwardness. Mostly because I have no filter. And no shame. But also because I LOVE to tell stories. And awkward moments make the most amazing stories. Fortune cookie moments invite awkward, but so do other things.

Like getting caught checking out the ring finger of an incredibly good looking guy to hear "Yeah, my wife likes those same cups that you're holding in your hand."
Running into a lightpole because you were too busy flirting than looking where you were going.
Having a texting conversation about your ovaries with a boy you just met. And now will never likely talk to again.
Or having a piece of paper fall out of your Bible with a memory verse from 1 John on one side and the words "sex kitten" on the other. While in the seminary lounge. With seminarians around.

Wow...those were all about boys. And personal. You're welcome. =)

So since today is Talk Thursday and we like to share things:
What is the most awkward moment you've ever had? And how do you generally respond to super-awkward things? Do you invite the awkward (ie: the Fortune Cookie Game) or just fall into it (like whenever you're around a member of the opposite sex)?


Timothy said...

A friend of mine played the "in bed" game exactly twice. His two fortunes were "The best kind of love is self love", shortly followed by "Behind every good man is another man"

Anonymous said...

Awkwardness is quite a pleasant thing to dwell in. And since you were so open, allow me to tell of one awkward story. In the middle of a speech and debate class my crush, her boyfriend, and myself found ourselves growing red and uncomfortable. Before class there was a very not-so-happy-for-him talk about how she was leaving for me. Well, we all had class together and he had to give his speech before us all. My crush wrote a giant "awkward" on the back of a paper and showed it to me and a friend...also, the prof who decided to stop the speech and ask us, "what's so awkward?"

Heather said...

Sister, we lived in the same house as teenagers. You know I am awkward. And I like awkward moments. Though I have more of a filter than you do, my awkward-o-meter is set pretty high. Thanks to a combination of you and lots of Maupin men with no filters, there are few things that make me blush. (Which is a slightly awkward thing to say as a married lady. Point Heather). Lots of my favorite awkward moments include you. Like the time KJ told us to check out Josh's butt... even though she said "my husband"... and we both looked. Good times. Hmm... I'll have to think of some others.

deliveredjude said...

One of the most recent awkward moments I had was when I was putting twinkly lights on the Christmas tree (yes, we're sacrilegious and decorating early (we'll be traveling over Thanksgiving.).) and my wife "pants-ed" or rather "de-pants-ed"! Luckily, we were the only two in the house. Still, I am quite sure I was red faced and made her stand in the corner for 3 minutes to reflect on her actions. That's the most awkward, I can think of at this time.

OH YEAH, except one that just came to mind, but it's FAR too inappropriate to type in here, so remind me and I'll tell you over the phone sometime. It is about one of my co-workers. It's AWESOME (like my favorite Sarah Lewie)!