Friday, November 5, 2010

Non Date Date

So I'm going on what I call a "non date date" tonight.

I say it's a non-date because I asked (and tradition tells that girls don't ask boys out on dates (apparently traditionalists don't live in Seattle)) and because it was a fill-in situation thing - extra concert ticket for cute boy. =)

However, I am calling it a pseudo-date because a) it's a concert w/ a boy b) there has been much flirting and c) I spent WAY too much trying to plan this outfit. =)

I haven't dated in EONS of time (see last HORRIFIC date experience) so I'm a little concerned about how awkward I am. And I am indeed awkward.

So, what's a non-date to you? What's considered a date? How do people know?!

What a world, what a world, what a world, what a world.....


JD said...

i have a friend that i've known since first grade. when we were in high school, she went to my youth group. most sunday nights, we would go to dairy queen after church and i would buy us ice cream and we would talk. looking back on it, that was sort of dating, though neither of us would have considered it that.

wv: redness. what?

Jenny said...

excuse me.... you went on a psuedo date and I got NO PHONE CALL. are we even friends anymore?