Friday, November 26, 2010

Talk Friday//Thanksmas

Well, I was so busy stuffing my face and cheering against the Cowboys that I completely forgot to put up my Talk Thursday!

And as much as I love "giving Thanksgiving a chance" I must admit, I get far more excited for the day AFTER Thanksgiving.

Is it the shopping?, you ask.

HECK no. (That is so vehemently no that were this not a family-friendly blog, there would be expletives there.)

Is it the cold turkey sandwiches and sausage ball leftovers?, you ponder.


Is it the fact that I can now listen to as many Christmas jams as I want completely guilt-free?


As you are all (or should be) well aware, I am so against Christmas music before the day after Thanksgiving. However, today is Friday. Some people call it "Black Friday" - I call it "Steven Curtis Chapman/Amy Grant/NSYNC/Harry Connick Jr On Repeat" Day or SCCAGNSYNCHCJORD if you will. (Tell your friends - it's gonna be a thing). Today through December 27th I will delightfully and deliriously listen to a barrage of Christmas music - old, new, croonie, poppy. My ringtones have been set (The Trans-Siberian Orchestra, "Sleigh Ride" and "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies"), decorations will go up tomorrow and Christmas movie watching will commence soon.

So in the general fashion of a holiday mash-up:
What are you thankful for on Black Friday? Do you celebrate Christmas starting in August like the retail stores or do you wait for this day?

Happy Thanksmas! =)


Heather said...

I think you mean "listen to Christmas music completly guilt-free". Guilt-ridden would mean that you will feel guilty throughout the Christmas season.
My name is Ted. I'm a correcter.

Sarah Lewie said...

Thanks Ted. Taken care of. =)

Jen said...

I love all the HIMYM references... "tell your friends, it's gonna be a thing."

Of course, you know I agree with you - I look forward to the beginning of Christmas more than Thanksgiving. But, I also have a staunch "No Christmas before Thanksgiving rule."

There are lots of traditions that I am thankful for, but none quite so fund as your asasl;dkfjlkjdskla music day (yup - that's my interpretation of your abbreviation). So, I'll just say the following:
1. Cutting down the Christmas tree with my family
2. Climbing into the attic to bring down the 27 (yes, 27) storage tubs of Christmas decorations
3. Bing Croby
4. Christmas Claymation movies