Saturday, March 5, 2011

Thinking Outside the Box

When I lived in Maple Valley, I had this awesome shower curtain in my bathroom:

I didn't know it was possible to miss a shower curtain, but apparently it is. So since living in Auburn, I haven't had a place to put this great piece of decor.

However, today I decided to think "outside the box." Creative, decorating genius overcame me and I decided to put up a new curtain on my bedroom window:

Shower curtains are the new window curtains. Tell your friends: it's gonna be a thing. =)


KB and Dustin said...

First, that shower curtain is so incredibly you it's insane. Good call on keeping it.

Also, shower -> window curtain? Genius. Is it a plastic one or the cloth one? Cuz at first I pictured you having a plastic polka-dot window curtain and I laughed real hard...

Sage and Cinnamon said...

At our last apartment we had 3 kinds of curtains hanging on our windows. Peter's was a curtain I had made from some material, ie a normal curtain. Our curtain was a table cloth I had cut in half and finished the edges. The living room curtain....2 identical shower curtains. I still miss them.

Sarah Lewie said...


It's a cloth-ish one. It's not real, real "clothy" but it's not plastic. But glad you enjoyed the laugh. =) And yes, it IS me...which is why I liked it SOO much. =)

And @Elizabeth,

We need to go get you some shower curtain curtains. It'll brighten your day! =)