Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Balderdash-ish Results

After tabulating the points where the correct definition was worth 1 pt and a humorous make-believe definition worth 2, the 1st ever Balderdash-ish game winner is: CANDACE JOICE WITH 7 points!!!!!!!

I will say that my two favorite made-up responses were:

"quondam • \KWAHN-dum\D. A condom quandary of preg-tastic proportions" submitted by Mr. Chris Maples
"Flack - a HomeStarRunner character that was developed but quickly discarded; the primary characteristic of this character and the one for which he went unused was the unpleasant flem that made it hard to understand his speech ;o)" submitted by our winner, Mrs. Candace Joice

Candace, send me your address and you'll get your prize!!!

Thanks for those of you that played. This was fun! It was almost like I was a teacher, grading her kids' papers. Except that I hope my teachers weren't as subjective with grades as I was.... although, that would make a lot more sense....

Yay games!!! Yay word-nerds!!! =)


Chris.Maples said...

Methinks you should check out another word-tastic blog.


'Tis one of my favorites, by far.

Candace said...

Oh my goodness! I squealed like a little kid, that's how I excitedI am! Seriously, just ask Cary how excited I got. I am honored to win your wonderful word game!

I will send you my address via e-mail or facebook;O)