Thursday, October 30, 2008

Talk Thursday // Round One

I've decided that Thursdays are going to be special. Mostly because Thursday is my favorite day of the week (other than Sunday) and I just didn't want to wait til tomorrow.

Therefore, I'm instituting "Talk Thursday." Each Thursday I'll ask aquestion and YOU get to answer. It'll be'll see. =)

So, to kick off our new fun thing, today's question:

*Describe yourself in 3 words*

And...GO! =)

(PS: If you watch the video closely, you'll notice a change in the face. Indeed, a good change. =) )


Cary said...


- Genuine
- Easy-going
- Poetic-ish

Cary said...

(my 4th would have been "awesome", but alas, only room for three :) )

Sarah Lewie said...

* Jovial
* Loquacious
* Authentic

And don't worry, Cary, "awesome" would be have been my 4th too. =)

Chris.Maples said...

my own person

Jamie said...

real (because geniune & authentic were taken!)

and I love the way the word "loquacious" rolls off the tongue :) lovely!

hurray for Talk Thursdays!

Deliveredjude said...'s such a tough question, I'll have to use a few words filibustering until I come upon my 3 words. Okay, I'm ready:


Oh, and Sarah told me through our telekinesis (we share it) that her three words are

Deliveredjude said...

haha, I am so glad that we have the memory to share. I may go listen to the song on youtube right now for a good memory and laugh.

PS: Did you check out the cbmw website? What were your thoughts (like or unlike mine)?

Love ya.