Tuesday, October 21, 2008

How to Start Your Morning

This was the coffee sleeve on my hot chocolate this morning. Now, this people, this is the way to start an early Tuesday morning. I even forgave my hot chocolate for being so weak and watered down because it was so complimentary.

I'm obviously a words person.

How's the best way you start your morning?

PS: New blog game starts tomorrow. Get excited and get your game faces on! =)


Michael Gilley said...

By sleeping in more! ha!

Actually, a good breakfast and reading the latest.

DeliveredJude said...

By showering to good music and drinking a good cup of joe or tea.

And yes, my game face is now on.

TenaciousT said...

so i went to starbucks this morning, which is an unusual thing for me. but i have a gift card and a sore throat, so i went to get some hot apple spice (yum)... anyway the barista said "come on up beautiful; your drink is almost done."
that was a pretty good way.
morning duty in the cafeteria, on the other hand, not a good way.

normally, i just sing in the shower.

Jamie said...

If I know we have Life cereal in the pantry, then I feel happy.