Wednesday, November 18, 2009


It's exegetical season again.

For those of you that haven't known me long enough to remember exegetical seasons, congratulations. It is that time of the school year when I become hermit-like, only eating the nuts and berries found near the library for food and speaking only in grunts. It is a brutal season for anyone near me, as well as for my own sanity.

The 2nd problematic layer of this exegetical season (which will run until November 30th if I'm lucky or December 15th if I'm not) is that I haven't had an exegetical season in almost 2 years. I can't remember how to write one, what to look for, and I'm easily distracted (the other day, instead of writing, I made a Christmas present for my parents and for my roomie).

So if you see a zombie-hermit-sleep-walker in the greater Seattle area mumbling about what it means to endure suffering for the sake of Christ and how that applys to our lives and in what ways, do not be alarmed. Just give the curly-headed creature a sip of Dr. Pepper and a cookie and send her back to her apartment. You'll have done the right thing.

And in other news, I've just learned about NeedToBreathe. And they're awesome. You should check them out.