Thursday, November 5, 2009

Talk Thursday // No! No! No! No! No!

Last week I stole off Bryan Allain's blog to bring us our Talk Thursday about what things we fully support.

This week, because we like to do things in pairs and because my friend Jamie thought we should, I pose the antithesis to our previous question:

What things do you absolutely, completely, without reserve not support? I mean, what things in this world would you recommend only to your nemesis? Or just things you really don't like?

Here are mine:

* Treating animals like people (ie: dressing them, carrying them in purses, talking to them in baby-talk)

* Baby-talk

* Mt. Dew

* Racism

* Joel Osteen

* Porn/sex trafficking

* Verizon

* The Pittsburgh Steelers

* Bananas

* The multi-billion dollar robotic industry

* Proof-texting/using Bible verses out of context

* Cults

* Applications on Facebook

* The length of MLB & NBA seasons

* Chumming for sharks

* Feeding squirrels

So what about you?


Jamie said...

Well if my nemesis asked for my recommendation, here is a short list of what I might tell him to check out:

1. Mealy apples
2. Leaves that look crunchy, but when stepped on are disappointingly silent.
3. When people do the "mad scientist" laugh
4. Hard candy with the liquid center wrapped to look like a strawberry
5. Coconut
6. Cellulite

Sara said...

1. Dudes that walk around without their shirt off and they're nowhere near the beach or a lake
2. Grapefruit
3. The New York Yankees
4. Texting someone when you're having dinner, drinks, etc. with someone else (put the damn phone away!)
5. Ryan Seacrest
6. People that haven't decided what to order by the time they reach the cashier and then spend another 3 minutes trying to figure it out
7. Meanness/cruelty, either towards pets or people
8. A mini skirt worn with Uggs
P.S. I also do not support bananas, not a fan!

Anonymous said...

I support you 100% in not supporting Joel Olsteen. Why Verizon? If it weren't for Verizon, we couldn't talk or text! And you know that I can't agree with you at all about Mt. Dew! :)

MoMountainGrrl said...

I agree with you on several of those...including Banananananas... I mean, seriously, any fruit that I have to sing a Gwen Stefani song to spell is worthless.

Also, Joel Osteen. He's creepy...among other things. To that list I also add.

1. Benny Hinn
2. Flat soda
3. Heart Murmurs...even though I have one, i dont support them. They are dumb.
4. Socialism
5. people who are allergic to wool. ( i then cant make them delightful wooly scarves and things.)
6. Energy drinks
7. Drugs
9. weird flavored foods...("midnight taco doritos" anyone?)

I do have to disagree with Jamie about the hard candy with the liquid center wrapped as strawberries. I love those things.

Chris Ryan said...

What would I wish only on my worst enemies and only if I didn't believe in Jesus??

1. John Calvin
2. Joel Osteen
3. Patriarchy/"Quiverful" theology
4. SBC Seminaries
5. War
6. Willful ignorance
7. The Simpsons
8. Lifetime Television
9. Professional Basketball
10. Alien abduction (really not a fan)

Okay, I could go on, but I've hit double-digits. I should stop.

And can you tell I'm a seminary student and theology nerd?

Jamie said...

And speaking of our brother J.O.
Check this out!

Sara said...

1. Kraft singles "cheese"
2. when spaghetti sauce invades the other foods on my plate.
3. Sharks
4. Alex Rodriguez
5. Mel Gibson
6. Coors Light
7. Random Barak Obama merchandise, i.e., condoms, mugs, mints, air fresheners.
8. Men who don't open the door for women.
9. Michael Jackson haters

Sarah Lewie said...

You know I'm going to have to disagree with you on the shark thing - they're terrifyingly delightful!

I agree about the leaves. The ones that make the hard, emphatic "crunch!" sound just let me know it's fall. And coconut. What a completely useless fruit/nut/whatever.

Verizon and you have had so many problems that I hate them for you. It's like how I love the Cards and hate the Cubs just for you. And how you will root for the Seahawks for me. That's love, baby.

Yes, miniskirts and Uggs. Well really, Uggs in general. Unless on Jason Segel. Then that's just hilarious.

Why do you hate John Calvin? You know Calvinism as we know it today has only been exaggerated by the followers of Calvin and not necessarily his theology. (I don't completely hate Calvin, just some of the tenets of TULIP.)

And Sarah C,
Weird foods, totally. Who the crap eats that kind of stuff?!

Juanita said...

Carson says he hates that you hate Verizon cause he has it without choice.
Juanita says I can't abide inflexibility.

Juanita said...

When the Seahawks lose!!!!

Chris Ryan said...


I realize that Calvinism today is not entirely what Calvin envisioned. Still, I don't think its a fruit as far from the tree as some would like us to believe. But ultimately, with no seed (Calvin) comes no tree (Calvinism).

Anonymous said...

Oooo, I have to play!

1.Putting clothing on pets
2. Beer of any variety
3. Being hit on by married men at work
4. Cauliflower
5. People loudly cracking their various joints. Bones should be silent.
6. Country music
7. The way my entire town shuts down by 9 PM
8. Oreo filling

*Sarah Cotter*