Thursday, October 29, 2009

Talk Thursday // Full Support

I must confess, I read this post on Bryan Allain's blog and stole the idea. Sorry. But it was too good a question to pass up! Therefore, comment here, and to repay him for my thievery, go comment over there too. =)

I know that you guys have very strong feelings on some stuff. So I ask: what are some things you fully support?

These things below are some things I give my 100% support to. If needed, I could come up with valid reasons why. I won't, but rest assured that I could. What about you?

* The Dr. Pepper Bottling Company

* Modesty

* Showering AT LEAST every other day

* Seattle Seahawks football (even when they suck)

* Wal-Mart

* The destruction of robots

* Proper hermeuntical methods

* Biblical studies

* Squirrel hunting

* Global missions

* The new iTunes Genius Mix feature

* T-Mobile

* Veritas Church

* Nestle CoffeeMate fat-free French Vanilla creamer



Christopher Maples said...

Sleeping until forever into the day.

Sarah Lewie.


Breaks from stress.

Good smelling candles.


School supplies.


Megan said...





Dance breaks


French fries

Tater Tots

Lazy Sundays


and finally...

Sarah Lewis!

Heather said...

Waco is the home of Dr. Pepper. In fact, there is a Dr. Pepper museum just down the street. Stephen and I have discussed visiting it in your honor.



Good literature

Happy naps

Watching movies in bed


Jamie said...

I give my full support to the following:

Diet Pepsi in copious amounts

Vanilla-lavender liquid fabric softener

Rubio's chicken tacos

Good hair days

Sticking around even during the sucky times

Pumice stones

Seasoned curly fries, crispy on the ends

Spanx (due to my faithful support of above "health foods")

Body pillows

All things socks, blankets, robes, scarves

Crunchy leaves


Dove Real Beauty campaign

Going first when it's time to get real

Strong hugs

Proper grammar

Jamie said...

will next week be things that we don't support?

Sarah Lewie said...

Jamie - you have just solved the "What to talk about on Talk Thursday?" dilemna for me for next week! Huzzah! ;)

Cary said...

this is a good post!



Non-anger cursing.

Fat Tire Beer.

Best friends.

Semi-hollow body electric guitars.

The fiber/laxative section in the stores of America (hope that's not TMI...but i'm quite passionate about it :) )

Dr. Pepper

My wife.

That might be it.

oh, wait, i remembered one more:

Skirts. (i'm a spring skirt in, I like them on the ladies, not on me).

Great, great blog Sarah!

Word Verification: cocaling

Jenny said...

Hmmm... this is tougher than I thought it would be, but... here goes:

all Apple products

cheesy Christian romance novels

hot tea

black and white fabric



twirly skirts

pumpkin spice lattes



beds with a dip in the middle (just for you Sarah!)

And, on a more serious note:

Young Life Capernaum

LifePoint church in Ozark, MO

world missions (and my friends who are pouring their lives out for people all over this country and others)

reasonable accomodation for people with disabilities