Thursday, March 4, 2010

Talk Thursday // Defaults

We all have those things that we auto-default to. It comes with figuring out who you are and what you like and what reaches you.

So let me ask:

What's your default musical selection?
What's your default movie?
What's your default drink?

Do you like the fact that you default to certain things or not?

(Sorry for the succinct Talk brain is homework-fried)


Sage and Cinnamon said...

Country music no doubt about that.

I have a default actress does that work? Sandra Bullock, most recently defaulted to "While You Were Sleeping"

Water if I'm out or 2% milk if I'm home.

Depends on what I am defaulting to whether I like it or not. But in most cases yes I'm ok that I default to certain things.

And you didn't answer the questions. Although I think I can guess at least 2 of them.

Stephen said...

Art music (or "Classical" as lame people call it)
Iron Man

Heather said...

Since you already know that I am not normal, I will confess something: My defaults change like every 3 months. Call me unstable if you will, but it's true.
Currently, my default music is a cd of songs i downloaded when I was living in Cleveland. My default movie is actually the X-Men series, including X-Men Origins: Wolverine. My default drink is water (but that is because we have it readily available in the apt). I suppose defaulting is ok, but I think the reason that my defaults change is because I don't like having a default.
Let me try to guess yours!
Country music, Return to Me, and Dr. Pepper.

JD said...

forrest gump
dr pepper

i think defaults are good; they keep us grounded and give us a point at which we can return to recharge, re-coop, and refocus.

we just need to be careful what our defaults are. sometimes revisting our baser "instincts" (for lack of better word) can be dangerous and harmful.

wv: ponsha: a poncho that costs way too much

Sarah Lewie said...

Wow...I walk away for a day and all of a sudden you people think you know me! =)

My defaults:

Music: Caedmon's Call (any of it) or Ingrid Michaelson

Movie: Mr. & Mrs. Smith or Elizabethtown.

Drink: Dr. Pepper or orange juice when available.

I like my defaults simply for the reason that I use them because they're comfortable. I even have default clothes - when I don't know what to wear, I'll wear this outfit because I know I like it, it's comfortable, I look good, etc. =) Defaults can change and grow as you change and grow and I like to watch the process.

zdbuya said...

Hmmm.. my defaults tend to change, daily.

I thought about keeping track of them to see if there is a pattern, like is it a certain day, time of the month year or day, or what that makes me default to metal, punk, indy, classical (and that is not lame, that is what it is, art music is just trying to make classical seem more hipster, which is lame) or whatever.

Movie... usually comedy, or something deeper that makes you think.

drink - water actually, that's the one that doesn't change.

people have defaults, because we have roots, things that tie us down to a particular memory, emotion or combination of the two. I don't think the defaults are good or bad in themselves, its the reasons that you default (or don't) that can be good or bad.