Monday, March 29, 2010

An Addendum

So I went to that concert the other night and was feeling guilty for not being that "into it" - the band Fee was playing some praise and worship music and I just not feeling the movement of the Spirit like the rest of the auditorium seemed to be feeling. However, some time around Francesca Battistelli's sultry tunes, something started stirring. Once Crowder was done and MercyMe came on, God WHACKED me over the head with an epiphany. I will share it with you now. As trite and repetitive as CCM tends to be, if it's speaking the message of the hope of the gospel, I can't dislike it. Now, there are some Christian artists out there who, like Joel Osteen, want to wrap Jesus in bubblegum and daisies, whilst picturing Him skipping through a meadow with unicorns and fairies, but there are the few and bold artists who speak about real life. These artists don't paint the gospel with rose-colored glasses, but they sing to the reality of our depravity but the hope of the sovereignty and love of Almighty God. Artists like Caedmon's, Alli Rogers, Shaun Groves, JJ Heller, Shane & Shane....these people help me remember that as often as I want to condemn the CCM stereotype, all Christian artists are singing His glory and His renown. And I would be absolutely hypocritical if I said that though musically it may not be as intricate and well-composed as some and though it might be overplayed and repetitive it was bad music. Because if someone or something is declaring the message of the gospel of Christ and proclaiming His name, it is good.

Now I still can't handle the lollipop happiness of the CCM DJ's (sorry KCMS, but you're barely on a pre-set button). But I am glad that the Lord helped me see that His glory is far greater than any opinion I hold.

Ok, soapbox = over. That's what you get for going to Christian concerts... =)

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