Monday, March 15, 2010

Rrrr-Random, Random

For some time now I have had a not-so-secret desire to become a country music super-star. Yes, this is mostly to meet Dolly Parton & Keith Urban, but that's besides the point.

My first song was entitled A Fire Ant Bit My Head Like You Bit My Heart. It's a lengthy title, but catchy, I thought. To help you envision the inspiration behind this ditty, think Taylor Swift meets Eric Church (if you even know who Eric Church is...).

However, I have finally come to my second mega-hit. This one I'm actually really proud of and think that this might be the Grammy winner. This time think Little Big Town meets Sara Evans. Thus, I give you....

Downhome In Downtown

(Lyrics to come soon)

Nashville, here I come! =)

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