Thursday, July 8, 2010

Talk Thursday // Reasons Why Summer Rocks

Today, I was once again ghetto fabulous and grabbed my lawn chair from my car and kicked it in the GHC parking lot for a solid 30 minutes soaking up the rays (since it is 90 degrees here in the PNW!!!!!!!!!!).

As I was reflecting over the awesomeness that is, in fact, sunshine, it hit me that I have not always been a summer girl. Years ago, I was a mild weather person, often cold weather suited me just fine. I loved wearing scarves and hats and mittens and drinking cocoa and bundling/cuddling under layers of blankets. In the last 3 years, a shift has occurred...I am a summer gal. I want to be WARM! Possibly, this happened because warm weather is so infrequent here in the temperate climate of the Northwest. Maybe it's just because I miss Missouri and their abundance of warm. Likely, its a both/and. And granted, Washington hot is no where NEAR Missouri hot (in MO the lakes get warm enough to swim in! Shocking!!)

Whatever the reason for the switch and in the midst of the difference between WA hot and other places hot, I have compiled a list of reasons why summer is awesome. But this is Talk Thursday so add your own:

Why do you love summer too?

1) Country music can be played at much louder decibles considering the windows will be down and the wind will be whipping through the car
2) There is a perfectly reasonable explanation for why I am eating 2 popsicles for breakfast and will enjoy probably 2 or more throughout the day
3) It necessitates a reason to go to the lake or river
4) Nobody else wants to sit inside so we can all go play
5) I often NEED a reason to shave my legs...summer gives me that reason
6) Two conjunctions: Flip-flop tan-lines
7) Walking away with that "summer glow" (which is funny because it sounds like "Summer Glau"...non-nerds, you won't understand)
8) There is no reason to turn on the heat so I save on electric
9) Warm night driving
10) The smell of sunshine

Let's hear your reasons why you love summer. =)


Megan said...

Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream cones on the waterfront!!

The Goodefather said...

1) I can actually sit outside and read without freezing to death.

2) I can go outside without shoes on and actually enjoy it (insert stereotypical remark about Southerners and their lack of shoes).

3) Shorts.

Juanita said...

Vitamin D - we desperately need warm sunny days here in the dear PNW.
Warm breezes across the face.
The NW beaches are more tolerable than in the bone chilling other seasons.

Stephen & Heather said...

Dearest Sarah,

We are writing to inform you that summer is the OPPOSITE of good. There are many adjectives with which we describe summer. Among these are: awful, gross, stupid, dreaded, hateful, nasty, evil, and BLEHHHHHHH.

We are not saying that you are wrong on many points, just that you are incorrect. It could be called a "difference of opinion," but we prefer to call it "you're wrong and we're right." We feel that, due to our climatological situation in Central Texas, we have a better grasp on the true meaning of summer. For example, we know that summer is a season, not just a week as you think. It is during this season that the regions of the world which experience it pray, long, and pine for relief. In some cultures, a device is required for comfortable living. The device may be foreign to PNWs; it is called an air conditioner.

In an act of goodwill, we will now exert ourselves to correct your list of summer-loving reasons.

1) Country music can be played at much louder decibles considering the windows will be down and the wind will be whipping through the car... IF the heat index is lower than 80 degrees. Otherwise the air conditioner must be used, wasting gas if the windows are down.
2) Everyone knows that coffee is more delicious than popsicles, but less desirable in hot weather. This is a bummer.
3) Hot weather is also a reason for snakes and other critters to go to the lake or river.
4) WE want to sit inside, because it is unbearably hot outside.
5) TMI, Sarah. TMI.
6) Two words: wear shoes.
7) By "summer glow" do you mean that stream of sweat dripping from our heat-stricken selves? (And we are glad we are not nerds.)
8) Pshawww! Electric bills are higher in the summer because of the dang expensive AIR CONDITIONER required to keep the apartment below 80 degrees!
9) Comfortable warm night driving requires temperatures below 80 and humidity below 60%. Otherwise it's warm night swimming in the car and a shower later.
10) By "smell of sunshine" do you mean "smell of B.O." from everyone around you? That's what it means here... cause it's so darned HOT!

We sincerely hope that this has helped to correct your false impression of summer. If you are still not convinced that summer is evil, you are always welcome to come visit and experience it for yourself. Bring a fan and drink lots of water.

Best regards,
Stephen and Heather

Chris Ryan said...

Stephen and Heather pretty much said it all.

Sarah Lewie said...

Heather, Stephen (and Chris by virtue of your agreement) -

If you hate it so much in TX (and let's be real: who doesn't? C'mon on.), move to WA. I need friends, you people are my friends; you hate being so hot you melt, I wish I could melt a little more; I miss you guys, you miss me.

It's flawless!