Friday, October 29, 2010

Church, Children & the Living Dead

If you know anything about me (Hi! I'm Sarah Lewis, by the way!) you know that I love the Bible. And if you know any secondary thing about me, you know that I don't care for children. There are other things that you likely know but those are the two pertinent to this conversation.

However, because God thinks He's sooooo funny, He has put me into a ministry that I NEVER expected to be in, nor did I ever expect to love. Since January 2010 I have been serving as the Director of Children's Ministry (the Orchard) for Veritas Church. It is extremely administrative (which I love) and it is kids-y (which I'm learning to be ok with). In spite of having no idea what I'm doing and consistently feeling like I'm going to ruin these children forever, God has continued giving me a spirit of purpose and intentionality for teaching these kids the truth of His word.

As the Director I've had the opportunity to decide how the curriculum will work and what our kids learn about the Bible and Jesus. And I've come to a deep-set conviction that kids should be as engaged with the Scriptures as adults are. Suuuure, they may not grasp it all, but if they can be exposed to the truths of Scripture early enough, it may not be as unfamiliar to them later in life. Therefore, whatever sermon series our adults are learning Sunday to Sunday is the same series that our kids will be learning (with some exceptions). We also hope that this will enable more ability for families to interact with the Bible and what they're learning.

All that to say: I'm having a great time.

However, since we've been writing (for the most part) the children's lessons alongside the sermons, I have had to write (with significant help!) the majority of the lessons. I was so hopeful that the internet would give me all that I needed. Boy, was I wrong! But since we've developed lessons for these kids, I thought it would be wrong not to share them.

Thusly, I am posting all of the lessons from our Fruits of the Spirit series and the Living Dead series on my other blog: Priscilla's Ponderings. Feel free to share them with your church or children's minister or use them for whater'e you need. We teach our kids to share, so I ought to practice it with ya'll! =)

Keep in mind that these lessons are designed for our very small church, with very limited resources. But they could easily be adapted for any size church or setting.

Hope you enjoy! (And if you don't, please don't tell me, cause I'm sensitive.) =)

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