Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dr. Freud? A Moment Please

Which of the following is not true about my most recent dreams?

A. Reggie & Ladye Love Smith yelling at me while Michael W. Smith (no relation) laughs at me because I can't scrape an ice rink?

B. Being involved in a group psychiatry ADD assessment where they refer to Jesus as "Patrick" and my best friend performs an interpretive dance for Jesus/Patrick as a cracking egg?

C. Mistakenly sending a text message and subsequently defenestrating myself in horror as a way of escape from the ramifications of said text?

D. Creating a life-size Shark/Whale exhibit in a hollowed out boat hull with a team consisting of a small child, a 40-year-old HS dropout and (I think) Mel Brooks?

If you answered "None of the above", you would be totally right.

Apparently, my subconscious is a crazy person. If I didn't know better, I'd say this was a result of too many drugs/alcohol. But I know better. Maybe I should lay off the Dr. must be getting to me.

Is anyone out there a dream interpreter? Cause I have some questions for you!


Lydia said...

I've heard that too much sodium close to going to sleep can really mess with your dreams. Just a thought.

Heather said...

Wow. I think my favorite is the shark one. And I also would need to know to whom the text was sent and the contents of the text before I could analyze that dream...
You are crazy. It runs in the family. Lewis's are a crazy brood. But, we are also an awesome brood. Tue story.

Sarah Lewie said...

I'm going to just stick w/ water. That should help...I hope.

And Heather, we are crazy. But we're pretty. It's like the Hot/Crazy Scale! We're allowed to be as crazy as necessary since we are equally as awesome/hott. =) Thanks for the encouragement (though it was roundabout). =)

Tyler Sanders said...

It definitely means you suffer from genital envy. That is what Freud would say anyway. I think that was his go-to answer for pretty much everything. Like when his sister drank all the 2% in the refrigerator he probably said, "You may have gotten all of the milk, but you'll never have my _____ (insert humorous euphemism)".

Sarah Lewie said...

Of all the things I expected to read on my blog, Tyler Sanders, the claim that I have genital envy is not one of them. =)

But you're right...Freud would say that. I wonder if he had genital envy himself....hmm...intriguing...

Juanita said...

though they are crazy dreams, there is a common thread - you love Lady Love and Reggie, you love Jesus, you love texting people whom you love, and you love Sharks. :0)