Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday is a Good Day for Bad Poetry

Fall is here

Winter grows near

Rain drips, drips, drips through the trees

And causes the falling down of brightly colored leaves

Cider, cocoa & coffee sound delighfully warm

This time of year makes me greatly miss Memorial's dorm

Pumpkins are being carved

While we're beginning to pull out the scarves

Soon the frost will come

Which is totally dumb

Much like the progression of these rhymes

But I thank you anyway for your time(s)

Go crunch a leaf

Or eat a bowl of soupy beef

Enjoy this season of fall

And I will bid adieu to you all.


Heather said...

Love it!

Except for the "go crunch a leaf" part... I can't stand the noise made by vrunching leaves.

Heather said...

And by 'vrunching', I meant crunching...

Sarah Lewie said...

You know, I added that line just for you. You should feel so loved. =)