Thursday, October 14, 2010

Talk Thursday // Old People's Rocktober Fest

This Saturday is going to be legen-WAIT FOR IT!-DARY! "Why?", you ask. Let me paint you a picture....

I'm gonna put on some bling...tease my hair...and put on a nice pants-suit. Oh yeah. Cause this gal is hittin' the town for the Gaither Homecoming Concert in Tacoma! My mom, my 76-yr-old Nanny and family friend Sue are accompaying me to this party of awesome.

Oh will they sing "He Touched Me"? You know it.
Will they sing "Because He Lives"? Without a doubt.
Will I cry? For shiz.

We'll get to hear the Isaacs, GVB, Charlotte Ritchie, & Lynda Randle, among others. I could not be more excited. It starts at 3pm. Because the party starts early w/ the Gaithers! Word.

I get excited about old people music. I get excited about country music. About Hebrew. About Bible trivia. About Jeopardy.

All this to say that I'm a nerd. And I accept this. I get mocked a lot for these things. And I deal with that.

So what gets your motor revved? What odd things do you like that earn you a river of mockery? How do you deal with this? Do you embrace who you are as an oddball? =)

And, please, in the comments section, try to keep your jealousy over my Gaither attendance at bay. It'll be hard, I know, but.... ;)


Stephen said...

We sang "Something About That Name" in church last Sunday. I picked it. Maybe we'll sing a Gaither song when you come to Tejas.

Erica Grubaugh said...

I look at cookbooks for fun. Especially the Asian and vegetarian ones.

Also, I will often pick Bizarre Foods or No Reservations over just about anything else on TV. Tony Bourdain is my old man crush.

Anonymous said...

Words cannot truly express how un-jealous I am about you seeing the Gaithers. ;) You can keep all that Southern Gospel-ness to yourself at all times. Thank you.