Thursday, September 18, 2008

WebChurch...Round 2 tonight

Well, I joined up with the LifeShare crew tonight and it was amazing. People were praying for each other, people they'd never met. Someone even prayed for me and I don't know them from Adam!
So if you want to watch or join, here's the proper link, as given to me by the paster over there.
11am tomorrow morning and other times this weekend! Check it out!

Love you guys!

***So I missed last night's LifeChurch. But I'll be there tonight!

8pm, CST (that's 6pm for you West Coasters) over at Since I wasn't there, I don't know if my links are broken or not. Hopefully they're ok.

But check it out.

Also, today's "word of the day" - tintinnabulation. Any guess?

See ya tonight!! =)


TenaciousT said...

really? how you reconcile the whole idea of actual fellowship? i wont deny that you can feel close to somebody online, but is it really ever as close as you can in person? i just feel very uncomfortable with the whole concept - the idea that you will almost never get to see your pastor; he will never actually shepard you. i dont know that that's a biblical understanding of church. just because its a trendy idea doesnt always mean its the best. i have seen the head guy speak, and he had a great heart for God, but I honestly dont think I'll ever fully support this concept... just my thoughts.

DeliveredJude said...

it means the chiming or ringing of bells...basically. I saw that one too and smiled. :)