Monday, April 20, 2009

Birthday Week!!

**Monday of Birthday Week, Update**

Awesome things that happened today:
- I found a frozen custard place in Vancouver. So happy birthday to me with an Oreo concrete!
- I got to catch up with my girl, Jenny. 
- An old friend sent me an iTunes gift card! So now I'm jammin' to some Lady Antebellum. (Thanks, Kim!)
- I got to wear flip-flops. 
- It was in the 80's today in Portland. Praise You, Jesus!
- Nicky made me pizza for dinner. Rock on. =)
- I made a new friend. 

I love birthday week!


I don't know if you know this, but I love my birthday. I LOVE IT! And since I have to be at a conference all. day. long. on Saturday (April 25th), this week here at Hephzibah will be Sarah's Birthday Week. And I am so ok with that. ;)

Therefore, if you want to say kind words, please feel free. If you want to send Dr. Pepper or cheesecake, please.... feel free. If you want to hook me up with a major hottie who will buy me a hamburger, PLEASE.... feel free. =)

How's your week shaping up?

In other news, the 2,500 word paper is done. Only three more papers to go and about 10 assignments. Woot. Woot .


Nic said...

My week is shaping up decently. Thank you. I have completed one class for this semester. I have 3 classes left to go. I aim to have 3 of the 4 classes finished by Monday. Here's to hard work. Cheers!

PS: It's pretty amazing that you have National Pot Smoking Day and Earth Day in your birthday week.

Sarah Lewie said...

And don't forget National Secretaries Day. Or if I were being more "PC" - National Administrative Assistants Day.

This week is chock full 'o awesome. =)