Sunday, April 5, 2009


Apparently, I do not do well under pressure.

"Why?" you ask.

Yesterday was our (2nd) Annual Easter Egg Scramble at Veritas. Last year we had a great turnout. This year, the attendance was triplicated. Awesome!, right? Go God!, right?


Except that I couldn't make all the people happy there. Parents were yelling at me and telling me their child had been in line for an hour and people were pushing... I can't help it people!

Yeah, I'm known as being a loquacious. But I got overwhelmed... I had to pass my megaphone to someone else.

Me and 1,500 people do not mix. Just so's everyone knows.

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Matt Layton said...

All I have to say is ... wow!! You used the word loquacious. I'm very proud of you, sister! Now, all you need to do is give me the greek root(s) of the word and tell me what they mean...jk