Thursday, April 30, 2009

Talk Thursday // Life, Love, and Other Mysteries

Sometimes we ask questions that have no answers. 

"Why is the sky blue?" 
"Why are there mosquitos?"
"Which came first - the chicken or the egg?"

Those questions aren't terribly pressing for most of us. But this one... this one is.

"Why does God let bad things happen to good people?" 

You know, Job asked this same question. Well, maybe not Job himself, but the author of the book of Job. He wondered this very thing. 

And God didn't answer it. He confronted Job and said, "I made everything. I made the rain fall and the grass grow and the eagle fly. Have you seen those mountains? I AM bigger than those mountains. I AM bigger than your mind can comprehend. I AM GOD."

But He goes on remind us, "I AM GOD. And I love you. I loved you so much and wanted  a relationship with you so much that I sent My Son to die for you. So we could be together. That's how much you mean to Me."

In the midst of that, He doesn't explicitly answer the question of justice, of right or wrong, good or bad. 

But He said He loves us. He loves you. He loves me. 

And in the end, He going to make it alright. Justice will prevail. This life sucks. But the future... that's going to be one kick-ass party. 

My question has never been "Why do bad things happen to good people?" 

Until now. 

So what's your question? What weighs on your mind as you contemplate life, love, and other mysteries?

And check out this blog; it just happened to come at the right time. 


Jenny said...

Hey - I'm praying for you.

My questions for God usually revolve around "WHEN???"

But, you're right... He is good, and He is faithful... and...

I am learning that He sees the BIG picture, and I can trust His timing.

Nic said...

My question is "When will I be healed?" At least that's the most recent question. I am in the process of being reconciled to the answer. grr.

Word Verification: lablesm

Nic said...

I think Jesus comes up with Word Verifications.

Word Verification: elipi (multiple elephants and elipses)

TenaciousT said...

My question is "Why, still?"
when enduring something difficult... i start out really patient and understanding and trusting God but then when I still dont see results months or years later, i always have to ask "Why, still?" why does he take his time??