Sunday, July 12, 2009

Open Wounds

One would think that time would heal all wounds. 

But it doesn't.

Eff time. 


Christopher Maples said...

Not time alone, dear friend.

Anonymous said...

Time wounds all heals...


Nic said...

The Healer heals all wounds. Usually not in our timing though. So yes, eff time, but don't forget to make a trip to the Healer friend.

Jenny said...

I THINK I know what this is about, but... I might not. If I don't, you should call me - because it doesn't hurt to have some extra prayers behind you.

And, Nic's right - eff time, but love Jesus. I am learning that sometimes we have to stop looking at His actions, and sometimes even His timing, so that we can focus on Him - who He is, His character.

So, there's my 2 cents. Loves and hugs.