Saturday, July 18, 2009

Outta Here

The Common Denominator?...

These things just make me want a vacation. Listening to Kenny who makes me want to listen to James who makes me want to listen to Jimmy Buffett who makes me want to sip a margarita on a sunny beach with a good book with Justin Timberlake.

Man, I need a vacation.

What about you?


Christopher Maples said...

Vacation? Yes please.

It would be nice.

Jamie said...

are you really going to be reading a book with JT sitting next to you?! you DO need a vacation! :)

Sarah Lewie said...

Dangit, Jamie! You're right. What am I thinking, reading when I could be salsa-ing the night away with JT?!

Ok, it's official... my job is sucking the imagination out of me.