Thursday, July 9, 2009

Talk Thursday // Waiting

It often seems like life is a series of waiting games. We wait in line at the supermarket. We wait underneath red lights. We wait for birthdays, we wait for holidays, we wait for the weekend. We wait for phone calls and mail deliveries. We wait to be noticed, we wait to be asked. All this waiting is done in anticipation of the next thing to come, the next moment.

What would happen if we tried to forget about the waiting and revel in the now? I know that I would have no idea what to do with myself. As we, I'm waiting on a phone call from World Vision. I am daydreaming of working for them and what my life could look like if I had that experience. But what would happen if rather than wait all day for this phone call, I simply chose to live my life? To do things purposefully without dwelling in the moments to come, but to honor the moments I have now.

I'm waiting on a phone call.

I could be living right this minute, writing to you.

What are you waiting on? What are you waiting for?


Chris.Maples said...

Graduation and paying off student loans.


It scares me to no end that I have no solid plan.


Very very slightly exciting, but mostly scary.

Ironic (or is it?) that my WV is "reashor".

Say that one out loud.

MoMountainGrrl said...

a job or even just an interview.

WV: (an actual word this time) Stint.

TenaciousT said...

same as Chris, actually.

and waiting on the right time to start a family

and in general for my "future" with Andrew to start. I guess I'll always be waiting for my "future" lol

Jenny said...

Waiting for someone to share life with - someone of the male persuasion.

Waiting to know whether or not YL is going to have money to pay me in the next couple of months.

Those are the biggies...

JD said...

waiting on jen to be ok with moving back to my home area to do ministry amongst the broken people and their broken churches.

Nic said...

I'm waiting for the gumption to complete my school assignments instead of just doing them with discipline and self-control.

wv: bouticon. She looks like one of those rap guy's bouticons.