Thursday, October 15, 2009

Talk Thursday / / Inspirational Music

Last Talk Thursday, I asked about embarassing songs. This Talk Thursday I want to know, what inspires you? If you're feeling down and out, what picks you up? If you need some motivation, what gets you going? Share some inspiration, and by doing so, maybe inspire others.
For me, it's Rob Thomas. Almost anything by Rob Thomas (or Matchbox 20) is enough to pick me up. But lately, 'When the Heartache Ends' is what I hit 'repeat' on.
When I need motivation to do something, it's Techno. Anything techno.
But! I'm not done yet! Oh-ho! As it is, your beautiful and wonderful and talented and amazing host (Sarah Lewie), will return soon! So inspire her by leaving a small comment on what you prayed for, how she has inspired you at some time, or what you think she'd like to hear once she's home.
It was great spending these last two Talk Thursdays with you all!


TenaciousT said...

I almost always clean to something upbeat and girly like Kelly Clarkson, No Doubt, etc.
I love doing studious things to Coldplay, U2, etc.

And I think Sarah would like to hear that I pulled out my notes from Christian Doctrine tonight to add to my S.S. lesson for tomorrow. I had such a good time sitting next to you in that class!

J-Way said...

The sound track from Charlotte's Web, the new one with music by Danny Elfman, inspires me regularly. Different music inspires me at different times though, it just depends on my mood, the weather, the season, the time of day, and where I am going.

Also, something that I remember that is brilliant is sitting on the kitchen table that we never actually used and having brilliant conversations with the lovely Sarah Lewie. Rock on friend!

shallowfrozenwater said...

Bob Dylan, Larry Norman, Mark Heard, Bruce Cockburn.

sorry, you don't know me. i just thought i'd chime in.