Thursday, October 1, 2009

Talk Thursday // TV-holic

I'll be real honest, now that a new season of shows has started, I have found that my conversations revolve less around my own life and more and more around the lives of fictional characters. And I don't just mean Bella & Edward.

So I think it's time for all of us to come forward and confess: what's your weeknight schedule look like? Do you make plans around your shows? What does your water-cooler talk consist of? (And please, if you don't watch/own a TV, good for you - I'm proud, really. But don't make us feel bad for our entertainment needs.)

For me:

Monday, 8pm - How I Met Your Mother - CBS

Tuesday, 8pm - NCIS; 9pm - NCIS:LA - CBS

Wednesday, 8pm - Glee - FOX

Thursday, 9pm - The Office; 9.30pm - Community - NBC

Since I'm in class on Monday nights and don't have a TV yet to watch Wednesday & Thursday nights, Hulu is my friend. I can catch all my shows with relative ease at any time. Unless the free network I'm pirating internet from gets locked. In that case, I'll probably be calling one of you to let me come over. =)

What about you?


JD said...

sunday: amazing race, brothers and sisters

monday: cbs line-up

tuesday: the biggest loser, the good wife (gordon ramsey's show(s) when we can)

wednesday: mercy, modern family, and jen likes cougar town

thursday: office, community

Sara said...

sunday: amazing race at 8
monday: HIMYM at 8
tuesday: biggest loser at 8
wednesday: just recently started modern family, lost (when it starts again in february)
thursday: flash forward at 8, the office at 9

MoMountainGrrl said...

M-F: 4:00 Glenn Beck. (I love that Crazy Man)
Mon. One Tree Hill 7:00 pm CW
Tues. I go to a bible study so, no tv in the pm.
Wed. Glee
Thurs. Community-sometimes.
Fri. Say Yes to the Dress

Heather said...

Monday: HIMYM and I've watched the show after it, cause Jena Elfman never ceases to confuse me.
Tuesday: nothing
Wednesday: (I watched Cougar town once, cause it's Courtney Cox and Busy Phillips)
Thursday: Office and Community
That is me!

Sara said...

Tuesday: The Biggest Loser
Thursday: The Office, Community, Flashforward, The Mentalist
Saturday: College Football, MLS Soccer
Sunday: NFL

TenaciousT said...

I wish I had seen this post earlier. You know how much I love TV.
Monday: HIMYM and Big Bang. Gossip Girl (can't help it) Chuck (when it comes back)
Wednesday: CSI:NY and Glee
Thurs: Grey's, The Office, 30 Rock and Ugly Betty(when they come back), Community
Fri: Psych, Monk, Numb3rs

I also DVR SYTYCD but haven't watched any of them yet. I will watch Idol when it comes on.